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Fiabila announces new hybrid nail polish generation

Fiabila chose the next Cosmopack show in Bologna, Italy, to showcase the latest generation of hybrid nail polish and shake a market eager for novelty. The global nail polish specialist (eleven plants in seven countries) keeps developing their innovation and creativity-oriented strategy.

Alexandre Miasnik

Alexandre Miasnik

Fiabila is about to unveil a brand-new generation of hybrid nail polish at Cosmopack next March 15-18, 2018 in Bologna, Italy. “This new nail polish can be used like standard polish, at home or in salons, but it provides absolutely breath-taking long wear and shininess results. Just like traditional nail polish, it is featured in transparent glass bottles for every shade to be seen, and is removed with acetone-free solvents,” explains Alexandre Miasnik, Fiabila’s General Manager.

Safe & easy-to-use formulas

Hybrid nail polish was first created a few years ago. These new formulas combine the advantages of gels (or semi-permanent nail polish) and traditional nail polish. To this aim, Fiabila uses a real innovative oligomer for which they registered a patent. This resin creates a physical hardening effect thanks to a 3D molecular structure, while preserving incredible flexibility, even at high concentrations. As a result, hybrid nail polish offers much more long wear and shininess than traditional nail polish. Contrary to gels, these hybrid formulas do not require any UV lamp during the drying phase and are very easy to remove.

Hybrid formula pioneer Fiabila has been working for several years on improving these products’ performances to reach almost the same levels as gels, but without the drawbacks. The new generation of formulas that will be showcased in Bologna actually promises exceptional quality results confirmed by now systematic tests on external panels. “Based on a technology we developed, we managed to get unequalled long wear and shininess results. Today, we can make our polish last a whole week with formulas containing safe raw materials, and which dry as fast as traditional nail polish. We are one step ahead and are now competing with permanent nail polish,” emphasizes the young leader.

A market in search for innovations

With 40 multi-disciplinary technicians exclusively dedicated to nail polish R&D, Fiabila has made innovation and creativity two of their main strategy pillars. The company owns eleven plants around the world and undertakes to offer their customers the same quality on all markets.

After two less dynamic years – although they followed a long boom –, according to the analyses of different market research agencies, including Euromonitor, the global nail polish market should record a significant growth at least until 2021 (+28%), driven by the strong dynamism of regions like South America, in particular Brazil.

The nail polish market is very cyclical, it is stimulated by creativity and the colour and effect offering. That is why we offer two collections of 72 shades every year, and many new products and innovations on a constant basis,” explains Alexandre Miasnik.

Just like every year in Bologna, Fiabila will showcase a new collection of exclusive shades available for all their formulas (traditional or hybrid), but also a record number of new effects, many of which are definitely innovative.

Vincent Gallon

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