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Eudora reinforces its multi-channel strategy by opening new stores of its own

The brand - which belongs to Grupo Boticário - registered R$ 1 billion in revenue last year. Although primarily focused on direct sales, Eudora is planning to end 2019 with eight working stores.

In February, Eudora will celebrate its 9th year in business. Even though its story is not very long, the brand has been through many changes. Belonging to Grupo Boticário, the company was created in 2011 as a multi-channel start-up. Positioned as a sexy brand, the company was purchased by American Victoria’s Secret. The acquisition gave customers the impression Eudora’s products were imported and expensive, which led the company to fail.

Eudora's store opening in São Paulo

Eudora’s store opening in São Paulo

Stores closed and the company switched focus to direct sales - a business model that, according to the Brazilian Direct Selling Association (ABEVD), moves around R$ 45 billion in products every year in Brazil. The company also went through a "softening" process and decided to focus on more urban and mature women, with an age range of 25 to 45 years old.

With the new brand positioning, Eudora grew. The company installed exclusive distribution points for its representatives all over the country - there are currently 70 distribution points in Brazil - and its sales force expanded rapidly. "Due to strategy, we don’t share this sort of data, but the number of representatives is at least four times higher considering the period from 2015 to 2018", says Renata Gomide, Eudora’s marketing director. "Direct sales represent a strong channel for Eudora and it has a very important and complementary role for the other channels", she says.

Eudora opened kiosks in different Brazilian states and the idea of having its own stores became part of the brand’s plan. There are currently six working stores and Eudora plans to end 2019 with two additional locations. The most recent one, opened at the end of September in São Paulo, has a special lighting project and service stands inspired by dressing rooms, allowing customers to interact more with the products.

"Nowadays, Eudora works with a multi-channel strategy, which includes direct sales, its own stores, kiosks and an e-commerce platform, as well as the Representative Space", says Gomes. According to her, each channel delivers a different shopping experience, reaching different types of clients.

"Customer service at home provides closer contact with our clients. In stores, they can get to know and test the products. For those who prefer a digital environment, shopping can be done online," says the marketing director. "We believe this multi-channel strategy assures that one medium complements the other, helping the brand to become known in different areas and by different audiences".

Since 2017, Eudora is also present - albeit discretely - in retail. "The products of our hair care line Siàge are sold in the Farma chain. The initiative is part of an expansion strategy for the brand to offer consumers another sales channel", says Gomide. Stores from Drogaria São Paulo, Panvel and DrogaRaia are among the sales points - they also sell the body and hair care line Sou, owned by competitor Natura.

With a portfolio of over 600 products - which includes makeup, perfumery, skin and hair care products and accessories - Eudora had RS 1 billion in revenue in 2018, the second largest within Grupo Boticário. The group - consisting of brands O Boticário, The Beauty Box, Quem Disse, Berenice?, Vult, Multi B and Eudora - had a net sales revenue of R$ 13.2 billion in 2018, a 7.5% increase in comparison to the previous year. Eudora does not reveal how much it plans to earn in 2019.

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