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Edition: Brazil
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Ingredients & formulation

Dow’s latest launch claims to enhance the sensorial attributes of skin care products

The EcoSmooth Delight technology was presented during FCE Cosmetique 2015 and reinforces the importance of versatility for personal care ingredients.

Daisy de Sanctis, Dow's Lead Technical Sales Manager for Latin (...)

Daisy de Sanctis, Dow’s Lead Technical Sales Manager for Latin America

To meet the demands of an increasingly competitive market, Dow has launched a new product that claims to enhance the sensorial attributes of skin care formulations. The EcoSmooth™ Delight technology is compatible with a variety of ingredients, allowing formulators to develop products for skin and body care with a unique structure and texture.

Daisy de Sanctis, Dow’s lead technical sales manager for Latin America, says “this technology provides enhanced moisturizing benefits and has a smooth, silky and velvety touch. It also allows for faster absorption and better spreadability as it is not a sticky, oily ingredient.” The product took four years to develop and is now available on the Brazilian market.

Moisturizing was on the spotlight of Dow’s latest launches and is a strong trend within the skin care segment, especially in Latin America.Moisturizing features in more than 70% of new product launches, followed by the botanic/herbal category,” says Thelma Bayoud, Dow’s Marketing Manager for Latin America - Home & Personal Care.

Another new ingredient launched by Dow is Ethocel™ STD 100 Premium, a vegetable compound made of cellulose that gives texture and viscosity to oils. The thickening ingredient is in line with the market trend towards solutions that can be incorporated into different formulations such as body oils and gels, sunscreen lotions, tanning oils, leave-in conditioners, makeup and anti-aging products.

This technology maintains all the features of oil-based products, such as gloss and moisture, resulting in gel-oil textures that range from fluid to viscous, with a light and pleasant feel. They are easy to apply and free from the sticky aspect that is typical of oily formulations,” says Sanctis. Ethocel™ STD 100 Premium also provides transparency to formulations, giving them a clean appearance.

Thelma Bayoud, Gerente de Marketing da Dow para América Latina - Home & (...)

Thelma Bayoud, Gerente de Marketing da Dow para América Latina - Home & Personal Care

Bayoud says there is big movement towards the use of oils in the hair care market.They have properties that extend from moisturizing to regenerating the strands as well as strengthening and protecting the hair.” Ethocel™ STD 100 not only creates a gel-like structure in oils but also forms a protective film around the hair, helping reduce water loss without affecting the products’ active ingredients.

Bayoud says that the main hair care demands in Brazil at the moment are in the botanic/herbal, gloss/lightening and moisturizing categories.Botanic ingredients are highly valued and more than 50% of innovations in Latin America in 2014 followed this trend. Natural extracts and grains have also been explored for their strengthening, restoring and moisturizing properties, and also for resulting in an improved feel of the hair. Anti-aging, sulfate-free and multifunctional products are also on the spotlight.” The ‘masstige’ segment (i.e. mass-produced products which are marketed as luxurious or prestigious) is another trend that has come to stay, Bayoud adds.

Masstige is also seen in the body care category, including active ingredients that promote regeneration, long-term moisturizing, skin firming and nourishment. Bayoud says that this movement will also lead to the development of different textures.

There is an increased demand for long-lasting/over 24 hours attributes, highlighting an opportunity to create products that ticks the boxes for practicality and convenience for Brazilian consumers. “Sensorial benefits are highly valued, such as quick absorption (without leaving an oily feel), and a smooth, silky and dry touch,” she concludes.

Amanda Mont’Alvão Veloso

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