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Daily lip care is still neglected in Brazil

Slowly, products such as lip moisturizers, exfoliants and night masks are gaining space in the Brazilian market.

Ana Carolina Marostica, director of Koloss Make Up

Ana Carolina Marostica, director of Koloss Make Up

The lips are an important part of women’s makeup routine. A 2017 study by Mintel revealed that 53% of Brazilian women apply lipstick or lip gloss every morning before facing their daily commitments. However, even though they are an important part of women’s beauty routine, the lips do not receive the same amount of care as the rest of the face.

"People usually bother with creams for the face and the areas of the eye, neck and décolletage, but many forget about the lips," says dermatologist Alberto Cordeiro, head of the Hõraios Estética clinic in São Paulo.

"The skin on the lips is much more sensitive and thinner than facial skin. It struggles with external aggressions caused by the sun, the wind and the cold, as well as with minor daily actions such as touching your lips or the friction caused by cutlery during meals," says Ana Carolina Marostica, director of Koloss Make Up. According to Marostica, lip dryness can cause flaking, lesions and bleeding. "It is more than just a matter of looks. It can be a gateway to infections," she says.

Biochemist and pharmacist Raquel Goldman has always had problems with her lips. Whenever she travelled abroad, she would buy products to fight dryness and flaking. Specialized in cosmetology, Goldman began to research vegetable oils and butter that she could use to develop products within Brazil to help people with the same kind of lip discomfort.

"After a year of research and group tests, we launched a line specialized in lip care in 2013. Back then, there were not many options for Brazilian consumers," says Goldman, CEO at Labot Green Cosmetics. The brand’s portfolio - all dedicated to lip care - boasts natural products designed to moisturize, soften and repair lips. Among the most recent products are a moisturizer that promises to enhance the lips, a sunscreen and a moisturizing jelly.

Koloss' lip exfoliants

Koloss’ lip exfoliants

"Usually, lips moisturizers are used only when the skin is already dry or chapped and not to prevent it from happening. However, I believe consumers are paying more attention to the lips, as we are noticing the change in consumers’ behavior," says Goldman. "Many people already include our nocturnal exfoliant in their skin care routine, for example. The product removes the chapped skin, making lips smoother and softer which, consequently, makes the lipstick look nicer."

Koloss also offers lip exfoliants in its makeup catalog. "The product removes dead cells and activates cell regeneration. We use sugar as the exfoliant agent, as it is a natural ingredient and the small grains do not harm the area. The moisturizing oils in its composition also make sure that the lips are well-cared for, free from dead skin and dryness," says Marostica.

According to Koloss’ director, there is no noticeable trend for lip care in Brazil. "I believe there is still a way to go, but I hope it does become a ’trend’. We need to raise awareness that moisturizing your lips before applying that amazing matte lipstick is not enough. Lips must be moisturized every day," she says.

Dr. Alberto Cordeiro agrees with Marostica’s statement. According to him, moisturizing is the most important care for lips. "A good moisturizer used twice a day, in the morning and at night, is already a huge step in keeping the lips healthy and beautiful."

Renata Martins


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