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Edition: Brazil
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Customization is the keyword for the packaging industry

American group MeadWestvaco (MWV) is placing its stakes on the Brazilian market, with plans to invest R$ 100 million in the production of dispensing valves and sprays for the personal care, fragrance and cosmetic market by 2020. “Brazil is the country that has seen the most growth in this segment across all subsidiaries of the group worldwide. Our performance has been driven primarily by the fragrances market”, says Eduardo Scalese, business director for the beauty and personal care division of MWV in Brazil.

Eduardo Scalese, business director for MWV Brazil

Eduardo Scalese, business director for MWV Brazil

In an exclusive interview with Brazil Beauty News, he talks about the importance of packaging customization to enhance customer experience, the new Melodie collection – which has already hit the Brazilian market with the Make B. perfumes by O Boticário – and MWV’s forecast to triple its market share in Brazil over the next six years.

Brazil Beauty News - With its global leadership in the perfumery segment, does Brazil still have the potential to increase its volume, or will the industry focus more on adding value to products?

Eduardo Scalese - This is a segment that has been growing at an average annual rate of 15% over the last five years and Brazil tends to maintain its position as market leader for years to come. The fragrance segment alone advanced by 16% in 2013. And the market for valves and sprays yields US$ 208 million year, with the fragrance market being one of the main users of this solution.

Brazil Beauty News - Besides its size, what other characteristics have made Brazil a promising market for the development of new technologies and increased customization, particularly in the packaging industry?

Eduardo Scalese - The Brazilian consumer is aware of the differences and the added value in each new perfume that reaches the shelves, and the supplier chain is constantly developing to meet manufacturers’ needs. Customization also seeks to meet the new standards of productivity and recycling of materials that have put Brazil at the forefront. This is confirmed when we segment the fragrance market; we see a growth of 48.5% in eau de parfum versus 12.5% in eau de toilette, which shows that the industry has improved the sophistication of its releases in search of an increasingly demanding consumer.

MWV's plant in Valinhos

MWV’s plant in Valinhos

Brazil Beauty News - In a market where around 80% of the consumers say they have tried a product because of its packaging, how important is it to invest in the research and development of new solutions for the industry?

Eduardo Scalese - The industry is looking for investments in customization, confirmed by the survey conducted by MWV in 2012, which showed that consumers consider the spray of the perfume as an essential item when making a purchase decision. This shows how the entire supplier chain has specialized to offer high rates of customization to meet customer demands.

Brazil Beauty News - What are WMV’s latest releases in the market for dispensing valves and sprays?

Eduardo Scalese - Recently, we launched the ‘Emotions of Spray Collection by MWV’, with six spray valves for luxury perfumes, each with a different spray standard. The line offers manufacturing companies the opportunity to create the perfect combination between fragrance and valve, heightening the consumer experience, increasing brand loyalty and driving repeat purchase intent. Another highlight is the partnership between MWV and O Boticário. MWV is the supplier of spray valve solutions for the Malbec Supremo fragrance, which features the Melodie Clikit valve, providing a luxurious spray with a versatile and discreet look.

Brazil Beauty News - MWV is investing in increasing its production capacity and broadening its product offer in the Home, Health & Beauty segment. What are the company’s plans for the coming years?

Eduardo Scalese - By 2020, MWV plans to invest R$ 100 million in the cosmetic and personal care industry. Our resources will be focused on the production of dispensing valves and sprays. The first investment phase was completed at the beginning of 2014, with the transfer of production from the Sao Paulo plant to our larger plant in the city of Valinhos. Through this process, MWV more than doubled its production capacity, and we forecast that our market share will triple, from the current rate of 10% to 30% by 2020.

R$15 million was invested in this initial stage. The plan for the second phase of investment is to verticalize the valve production, bringing plastics injection, currently an outsourced activity, in-house. And in the third phase, we will invest in new product lines, expanding the Brazilian portfolio.

Fernanda Bonifacio


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