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Cosmetic subcontracting: Technature surfs on new consumer expectations

Riding the current wave for naturalness and thanks to significant investments, the French company specialising in the contract designing and manufacturing of cosmetic products and beauty masks for leading beauty brands, beauty institutes and spas, can now rely on a state-of-the-art production site and a new logistics centre, while its historic site is starting to renovate. Focusing on innovative, clean and natural formulas, the company targets a 20% annual growth for the next three years.

Pierre Morvan, CEO of Technature - Photo: © Fred Tanneau

Pierre Morvan, CEO of Technature - Photo: © Fred Tanneau

Initially specialized in alginate-based formulas, Technature has since, widely diversified its offering and now proposes a wide range of products, designed, produced and packaged in its facilities. After several months of construction, the company recently inaugurated a new production unit and began renovating its old factory.

Huge investments

Fully operational since the beginning of the year, the new building has a filtered air system, over-pressured in the manufacturing areas and a supply in filtered and biosmosed water to comply with FDA requirements. The production area spanning over 3500 m² (including 2000 m² dedicated solely to manufacturing and packaging operations) was designed to allow an increase of 1000m². Similarly, 1000m² of additional storage space remains available for the future. "This reconstruction has already allowed us to increase threefold our production capacity and anticipate future production ramp-ups," explains Pierre Morvan, CEO of Technature.

At the same time, production was re-thought to specialize the sites. The historical 4500 m² unit now focuses on powders. In addition of its two production units, the company now also operates a logistics platform of 5000 m2. "This enabled us to separate the flows of raw materials and of packaging. This is also where are grouped all the finished products before their shipping. This enables us to maximize the space dedicated to production," said Pierre Morvan. This additional space will also facilitate the upgrading works for the historic site, which have just begun, thus allowing Technature to have homogeneous units.

Innovation and naturalness

With this solidly reconfigured industrial base, Technature can now entirely focus on winning over new customers. And for this, the subcontractor has a number of assets! Being the only manufacturer in Europe of hydrogel for cosmetic applications, Technature is facing growing demand for these products. New packaging lines are being installed and several innovations will soon be presented, including a natural gel from algae extracts. A COSMOS certified gel is even planned in the short term.

"Even though we never restricted our activity to that, Technature’s DNA lies in natural cosmetics. Our offer for natural products is fully in line with market demand and new consumer expectations," emphasized Anne-Claire Roudaut, Marketing and Communication Manager. "We can rely on a well-developed expertise and technologies to meet market demand, which is sky-rocketing, including for our anhydrous formulas, in line with current demand."

Initially recognized for its expertise in masks, the company has successfully expanded its expertise to many other categories, well beyond the professional circuit. "What our customers expect from us are innovative and original textures. This is how we manage to stand out from the pack," added Anne-Claire Roudaut.

Technature is therefore resolutely setting course on innovation with the aim of going even further in terms of naturalness and use of new materials. "For our teams, we pay a lot of attention in preserving their moments of creativity and collaboration, with a lot of freedom to foster the emergence of ideas," explained Pierre Morvan.

A strategy which has paid off so far. Technature, which employs 160 employees for a turnover of 20 million euros, half of which generated by export sales (25% in Europe and 25% for the rest of the world), wants to return to growth, with an ambitious target of 20% per year in the next three years. The company was identified by BPI as part of its national accelerator programme to become a mid-market company in the short-term. "We have all the assets to succeed: loyal teams, innovative products in line with current trends, a high-performance industrial tool and significant production resources," concluded the CEO.

Vincent Gallon


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