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Edition: Brazil
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Companies partner up with beauty professionals to develop high-performance products

Their every-day experience leads hair stylists and barbers to participate in the development of cosmetics, professional products and even launch their own brands.

The Brazilian cosmetics industry attracts a lot of attention not only because of its high production volumes and revenues – it is also the industry that creates the most jobs nationwide. According to the Brazilian Association of the Cosmetics, Toiletry and Fragrance Industry (ABIHPEC, or Associação Brasileira da Indústria de Higiene Pessoal e Cosméticos in Portuguese), this sector boasts more than 5.6 million job vacancies, with around 23% of these representing openings at beauty salons.

There is no shortage of hair stylists and barbers in Brazil, so it stands to reason that these professionals, who know the ins and outs of beauty salons and their clients’ needs, are the most qualified to assess new beauty products and even help develop them.

Daniella Brilha, marketing director at Vertix

Daniella Brilha, marketing director at Vertix

Eudora, a brand owned by Grupo Boticário, has been working since 2011 with hairstylist Marcos Proença’s consulting company. Known as “hairstylist to the celebrities”, Proença helped develop the Siàge line that was launched in 2014. “We tested each formula several times, talked to the researchers and models who were using the products. I read a lot about trends in the field of product style and use, as well as new active ingredients and other elements that go into formulas. It was an extremely enriching experience,” he said.

Last year, Eudora went even further and launched a new collection designed by Proença. The Siàge Expert line includes shampoo, conditioner, hair mask and treatment vials that promote deep hair repair and provide professional care at home.

Vertix, a company owned by beauty accessory manufacturer Belliz, did not seek the guidance of just one expert to take part in the development of its first electrical appliances. Known for its professional-grade brushes, combs and scissors, the company put together a team of experts, including colorist Lorraine Freitas, from Color Factory, and barber Miralvo Junior, who works at the Corleonne chain.

These professionals collaborated on this project from the very beginning. For two years, they contributed with ideas for creating products, telling us what was missing in the field of electrical appliances, how existing products could be improved and what the ideal product would be like,” says Daniella Brilha, marketing director at Vertix. “They also tested the prototypes and provided the Research and Development department with feedback, until we had reached the desired results.

The product line, which was launched in March, consists of 18 high performance appliances that specifically target beauty professionals and include hair dryers, straighteners, curlers and clippers for cutting and finishing hair. The 10mm curler, for instance, had long been demanded by the industry. The world’s slimmest version of this particular appliance is recommended for people going through a hair transition, by helping to keep natural strands even as they grow.

Hairstylist Gil Britto, who also participated in this development process, says Vertix’s products will help streamline the daily routine of salons, and highlights unique options such as longer cables that reach up to 3m in length, and lighter blow dryers, such as the 2400W model that weighs 819g. “These characteristics will definitely improve our performance and routines,” he added.

There are also many experts launching their own cosmetics brands, like Marco Antônio de Biaggi. A hairstylist known for his star-studded clientele and who has over 30 years of experience, de Biaggi says “I’ve always had people asking me to launch my own brand, which would incorporate the knowledge I’ve amassed in all my years in this profession.

Launched in late 2017, MAB’s development was outsourced to Lipson, and boasts fragrances from Swiss company Firmenich. It is geared towards caring for color-treated hair, as well as hair nutrition and repair. “The development process took three years. I oversaw every single detail, from the formulas to the final packaging,” says de Biaggi. In 2018, the brand’s portfolio grew with products specific for blond and curly hair. “My experience has shown me what really works for different hair types and the customer feedback has been amazing,” he said.

Renata Martins


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