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Cless projects R$1 billion in revenue in 2020 with acquisition of Opus Cosméticos and new direct sales model

The purchase will enable Cless to boost its presence in small retail stores, increase production capacity and manufacture its own packaging.

Grupo Cless, owner of different brands like Charming (hairsprays and styling foams), Lightner (hair bleaches), and Essenza (hair straightening products), is celebrating its 14th anniversary in the Brazilian beauty and personal care industry with the acquisition of Opus Cosméticos. The takeover not only includes all Opus-owned brands, but also the company’s manufacturing plants. A combined revenue of R$ 300 million is projected for 2018.

Luiz Piccoli, CEO at Grupo Cless

Luiz Piccoli, CEO at Grupo Cless

Cless is looking to grow both companies’ consolidated revenues by 25% in 2018 by capitalizing on sales channel synergy and a highly specialized sales force,” says Luiz Piccoli, CEO at Grupo Cless.

Opus was founded nearly half a century ago and consolidated its presence in the Brazilian market by selling its products – most of which target lower-income consumers – to distributors and wholesalers, which are able to place them in small independent retail stores and regional chains. Its portfolio features products such as Baby Poppy’s baby wipes and baby powder, and the Salon Opus hair care line, as well as feminine hygiene washes, makeup wipes, insect repellent and nursing pads.

Opus’ product portfolio complements Cless’ perfectly, and there is an enormous potential for cooperation between the different sales channels. Throughout its history, Cless has performed exceptionally well in perfumeries and drugstores. Opus, on the other hand, has a very strong presence in the food retail industry. This merger will greatly benefit both brands,” explains Piccoli.

The new acquisition will also allow Grupo Cless to increase its production capacity, which was a significant hindrance to company growth. Opus boasts a manufacturing plant in São Paulo specially designed for accommodating large production volumes at high productivity levels, as well as a packaging manufacturing plant equipped with both injection and blow molding machines. “We will now be able to produce our own packaging and molds, which will result in more agile and innovative operations, giving our products a competitive edge,” says Piccoli.

Transaction figures have not been disclosed, but Piccoli confirms the company used its own equity. Four years ago, Cless sold 30% of its shares to One Equity Partners, a private equity fund formerly controlled by American bank J.P. Morgan.

Piccoli is also very optimistic about Cless Conceito, the group’s new direct sales company. Cless entered the direct sales industry almost a year ago with Cless Multinível, a business that received R$ 30 million investment and posted very modest results. “We were still learning the ropes of operating in this market segment in a way that is in line with our values and principles,” he says. “We have learned a lot, and translated the expertise gained into Cless Conceito.

The direct sales model works with a wide range of Cless products, from fragrances and nail polish to cleaning supplies and pet care products. Sales representatives are able to join the company by investing as little as R$ 200, and enjoy a robust corporate infrastructure to conduct their business and meet with clients and sales teams, such as conference rooms, product showrooms and even a professional hair salon. Additionally, Cless Conceito offers a career plan and gives away prizes such as imported cars and trips to Disney World and Dubai.

The way we see it, our industry’s solid reputation makes it ideally positioned to help employ thousands of high-potential individuals at this particularly difficult time for Brazil, which is facing a serious financial crisis and high unemployment rates. Market reception of our company has been really positive and we are very excited about the future,” says Piccoli.

With the acquisition of Opus Cosméticos and the roll out of its new multi-level marketing model, Grupo Cless increased its projected revenue for 2020 to R$ 1 billion.

Renata Martins


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