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Clay found in Mato Grosso do Sul state is the raw material in Kion Cosmetics products

With its rejuvenating properties, Kimberlito caught the attention of the international market. Now Kion Cosmetics plans to strengthen its presence in Brazil, opening 60 sales points by the end of the year.

The cosmetics industry has increasingly looked for natural ingredients to use in its products. Ingredients that are free from side effects and don’t harm the environment, but that are also innovative - a key factor in a market which craves novelty. The discovery of Kimberlito clay beds in Mato Grosso do Sul allowed Kion Cosmetics to have just that, with great potential still left to be explored.

Executive director Alan Oliveira

Executive director Alan Oliveira

Kimberlito clay was discovered by one of the founders of our company, on his own land. When he found the clay beds, he was impressed with the characteristics of the clay and the possibilities the material offered,” says Alan Oliveira, executive director for Kion Cosmetics.

The raw material, which isn’t available anywhere else in the world, was formed over 850 million years ago. It is part of a group of special clays and is extremely flexible and elastic. According to Oliveira, the clay performs well when used in cosmetic products, which allowed Kion to use the ingredient to develop facial, body and hair focused product lines.

Our clay has a natural technology that communicates with body cells, replenishing minerals and acting directly on toxins. The clay also contains clay minerals, an expression used in geology to describe hydrous aluminum phyllosilicates and iron, which have over 130 uses in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries,” says Kion’s director.

One of the key features of Kimberlito clay is rejuvenation of the skin. According to clinical trials conducted by the Kosmoscience Institute, the brand’s products can clear the skin, clean the pores, moisturize and control oiliness. It can also improve the firmness of skin by enabling fat loss and helping prevent cellulite and flabbiness. All participants in the study reported a significant reduction in wrinkles and expression lines after a month using the product.

From Kion’s portfolio, Oliveira highlights one of the brand’s main products: the facial anti-wrinkle serum – the only product in the world that uses clay in its composition. According to him, the combination of hyaluronic acid, ferulic acid, vitamins C and E and red clay helps to eliminate toxins and gives the product anti-oxidant properties. The serum is part of the Prime line, which promises results from the first use.

Our hair line has exclusive formulas with white clay, which has silicon in its composition and is extremely beneficial to hair cuticles, helping to detox hair bulbs and leave the hair a lot more moisturized,” says Oliveira.

The benefits of Kion Comestics’ products are already internationally renowned. “We created the company in 2016 and we soon caught the attention of multinational companies in the cosmetics industry. Our products were soon being sold in the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, the European Union, the USA and Russia. Even before we had initiated a large production line, we were already showing our products at international fairs”, says Oliveira.

However, as of now, the company wants to strengthen its brand in the national market and increase its presence in Brazil. By the end of 2019, Kion plans to open 60 points of sales – kiosks or stores – in some of Brazil’s main shopping centers.

Verônica Domingues


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