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Category of products for growing and strengthening eyebrow and eyelash hair expands

They are a more natural alternative to procedures like micropigmentation and lash extensions fills.

Cosmetologist Suellen Campanhola launched Cils & Lashes

Cosmetologist Suellen Campanhola launched Cils & Lashes

Fashionable eyebrows were once thin, then round and then arched. Nowadays, the desirable style is to have long, thick eyebrows. To achieve this beauty ideal, many women resort to procedures such as micropigmentation. It is the same with eyelashes. Long and curved eyelashes can be achieved with a lot of mascara and a curler or with beauty procedures like extension fills.

People looking for these results, but who are unwilling to go through such procedures now have a more natural alternative: products that help to grow and strengthen eyebrow and eyelash hair. Big beauty brands, such as Mary Kay, have introduced products with this purpose to their catalogues and franchises focused on eyebrow and eyelash services, such as Sobrancelhas Design, have launched their own cosmetics products.

"Products aimed at growing eyelashes and eyebrows are an increasing trend," says cosmetologist Suellen Campanhola. "The cosmetics industry realized that women are changing their mind sets. They are more aware of their natural beauty and know that it can be enhanced with less invasive products that also provide care."

With over 15 years of experience in the cosmetology industry, Campanhola has just launched the serum Cils & Lashes. Developed in partnership with Tulipa Cosméticos, it is a nanotechnology product composed of IGF growth factor, collagen and bionutrients that stimulate the metabolism of hair follicles. According to Campanhola, tests on volunteers revealed that 87% of women noticed that their eyebrows and eyelashes appeared longer and 77% of them thought they were thicker. "It is a success," she celebrates.

Another product that was recently launched is Sobrancílios, by Pharmapele. According to the company, Sobrancílios is a natural strengthening bioserum that nourishes the hair follicles, activating hair growth. The formula is composed of ingredients like Capillia longa®, vitamin B6, ginkgo biloba and panthenol along with bFGF, IGF-1 and VEGF growth factors.

"These ingredients work intensely on areas of hair growth, producing a Minoxidil-like effect, meaning they have an effect similar to the results of the most prescribed hair-growth medication," says Luisa Saldanha, pharmacist and technical director at Pharmapele.

Saldanha notes that eyelash and eyebrow hair loss is a physiological process that is part of a natural renewal of hair stems. However, some common mistakes can increase this process. Poorly undertaken procedures can cause damage and excess use of water-proof mascaras and eyeliners with synthetic pigments and preservatives can make the area more sensitive and prone to allergy, leading to hair loss.

According to Pharmapele, over 70% of volunteers who tested Sobrancílios noticed that their eyebrows were thicker and had fewer flaws. According to 78% of testers, their eyelashes were denser, while 63% of them said they were longer.

"Eyebrow and eyelash care changes with fashion and make-up trends. But I believe the growing interest in more natural results, that require less time and resources in order to obtain the desirable look, can bring the spotlight on to this sort of product," says Saldanha.

Renata Martins


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