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Edition: Brazil
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Brazil: Anvisa opens public consultation on the registration of cosmetic products

Anvisa (the Brazilian Health Regulatory Agency) wants to hear from the industry, professionals and citizens about the technical requirements needed for the registration of personal care products, cosmetics and perfumes.

According to the new proposal from Anvisa, the list of products submitted (...)

According to the new proposal from Anvisa, the list of products submitted to registration could be reduced. (Photo: © sisacorn /

To this end, the Agency has started a public consultation (CP #500/18) to discuss the upgrade of consumer information and to amend the Resolution RDC 2/2015 [1] which gives the list of products that must be registered before being placed on the Brazilian market.

According to the new Anvisa proposal, the list of products that must be registered will be reduced to include: sunscreens, tanning products, sun products for children, antiseptic hand gels, hair straighteners, hair smoothing products, hair dyes, insect repellents and insect repellents for children.

Another point is to exclude the category Bloqueador Solar/anti-solar (sun blocks) from the list of products classified as grade 2 in the Annex II of RDC 7/2015. The aime is simply to take into account the prohibition of the term Bloqueador Solar since the publication of the resolution RDC 30/2012.

Proposal submitted to public consultation (CP nº 500/18)

Anyone wishing to make comments and suggestions on the proposal to modify the DRC 7/2015 can send its proposals via an electronic form accessible on the page of the public consultation. In the event of international contributions, it is possible to send written proposals, in physical form, throughout the consultation period (from 09/04/2018 to 24/04/2018).


[1Resolução da Diretoria Colegiada RDC nº 7/2015.

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