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Edition: Brazil
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Boni Brasil extends its portfolio with vegan cosmetics line

Two years after beginning operations independently, the former Brazilian subsidiary of Laboratório Boniquet invests in its very own line of products.

Despite having 17 years of experience in the domestic market, Boni Brasil came about only two years ago when the company acquired the Brazilian branch of Spain-based Laboratório Boniquet, becoming 100% based in Brazil.

Boni Brasil's Sales Director, Carlo Sabino

Boni Brasil’s Sales Director, Carlo Sabino

Specializing in the development and manufacturing of oral care products, Boni Brasil also outsources cosmetics and baby care products, having large retail chains such as Wal-Mart, Carrefour and DIA among its clients. The São Paulo-based company has the capacity to produce 5 million units per month and is now investing in the expansion of its portfolio and the strengthening of its brands.

Our management strategy is to focus on the development of our own products. We are concentrating investments in the Boni Kids brand, which is specifically tailored for children, and also in the Ultra Action brand for adults,” says Boni Brasil’s Marketing Executive, Thaiane Santos.

The children’s lines contain toothbrushes, mouthwashes and toothpastes for different stages of children’s lives, as well as baby wipes, which have been in our portfolio since 2011. Most of the kids’ products have popular licenses including Turma da Monica, Disney and Looney Tunes. “We have a solid and strong partnership with large franchises. Together we grow year after year, improving our products and maintaining the presence of our brand in the market,” says Santos. The selection of products for adults includes toothpastes and mouthwashes, which have been recently revamped to feature new designs and packaging.

Boni Brasil offers affordable pricing, with products starting at R$ 2 (90g toothpaste) and being distributed by two main channels: supermarkets, with around 60% of sales, and drugstores and pharmacies, with 40% of sales.

Boni Brasil’s latest news was the expansion of its portfolio with the launch of the Boni Natural vegan line. In addition to oral care products, the new range includes shampoos, conditioners, hair masks, spray deodorants and body moisturizers, all created with cruelty-free formulas. “This is a popular market trend in Brazil, yet there are still only a few companies operating in the vegan market with the know-how and technology required,” says Boni Brasil’s Sales Director, Carlo Sabino.

Vegan cosmetics line Boni Natural

Vegan cosmetics line Boni Natural

Developed with ingredients such as malaleuca, linseed and almond oil, and even bamboo – used in the toothbrush handle – the products are also free of harmful compounds such as parabens, silicones, hydrochloride and fluoride triclosan. “The Boni Natural range has over 91% raw materials of vegetable and mineral origin,” says Sabino.

The brand claims that the starting point for the creation of Boni Natural was research conducted by IBGE (Brazilian Insititute of Georgraphy and Statistics), which revealed that 61% of Brazilians consider the option to adapt their lifestyle towards a more natural approach, with 70% willing to pay more for a natural product. One example is the 500ml shampoo, which sells for $28.

Sabino explains that the new line reinforces the company’s philosophy of “loving is caring”, since the products don’t pose environmental risks. “Every natural raw material is used responsibly. Our goal is to allow naturally-extracted resources to share their qualities and benefits directly with the consumer,” he says.

Renata Martins

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