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Edition: Brazil
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Ingredients & formulation

BASF introduces bioactive compounds for skin and hair care products to the Brazilian market

All twelve solutions are of natural origin and were created from vegetable and fruit extracts, such as rambutan fruit.

BASF has just debuted new bioactive compounds in Brazil. Due to a growing demand for natural products, this multinational company’s chemical care division recently launched the B-Active line, which consists of twelve solutions of vegetable-origin.

BASF's new bioactive compounds

BASF’s new bioactive compounds

These compounds were created to meet the specific needs of the Brazilian people. According to Renata Oki, personal care manager at BASF, the company determined the main hair and skin characteristics of the average Brazilian to develop new products based on the data collected.

Bioactive compounds can be used to fight oiliness, reduce facial expression lines, moisturize the skin, protect the skin against external aggressions such as pollution and UVA and UVB rays, and much more.

All compounds used in the line of products were produced from vegetable and fruit extracts. For instance, Dulcemin® PW BIO is an organic protein extracted from sweet almond seeds which can be used to protect and nourish hair, as well as strengthen sensitive skin. Betapur® was developed from forskolin leaves to boost the skin’s natural defense system without triggering allergic reactions. Finally, BASF used white flowers to develop Dermawhite® WF to prevent melanin formation, smooth out skin tones and help treat dark spots.

B-Active line was created with vegetable and fruit extracts

B-Active line was created with vegetable and fruit extracts

The main products of the B-Active line, however, are the three solutions that together form the Rambutan Program. BASF has been working on this project in partnership with a rural community from Vietnam since 2015. The main goal of the project is to use all different parts of the Rambutan tree to generate income for the community, in addition to promoting gender equality and safer working conditions.

This tropical fruit, which resembles a red sea urchin and is a close relative of the lychee, is used in its entirety to produce these all-natural ingredients. Its peel contains anti-oxidant properties, its seeds are known for reducing fat and its pulp boosts energy and immunity as well as helping to eliminate free radicals. These, in turn, were used to create Nephydrat™, to moisturize skin, Nephoria™, to help rejuvenate skin, and Rambuvital™ to protect the scalp with a lasting refreshing feel.

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