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Barber services focused on women gain ground in Brazil

“Where there is demand, there is a niche market,” Tiago Costa, Jacques Janine.

In the last few years, the beauty industry has witnessed an increase in the number of barbershops across Brazil. According to Euromonitor, between 2012 and 2016, the number of barbershops in the country increased by more than 500%, also giving the franchise sector a boost. Since 2015, the number of barbershop franchises more than doubled, according to the Brazilian Franchising Association (ABF).

Barber services by Tiago Costa

Barber services by Tiago Costa

Although barbershops traditionally cater to the needs of men, lately they have seen the number of clients not only grow, but also become more diverse, with women starting to come in as well. Marcos Caruso, proprietor of Paint Black, in São Paulo, said that two out of every 10 clients in his barbershop are women.

The numbers have been growing steadily, and the same goes for the number of professionals that have taken an interest in this field,” says Tiago Costa, barber and facial hair expert at the salon chain Jacques Janine. He was one of the first professionals in Brazil to specialize in catering to the female clientele, in 2015. “I noticed there were many women who wanted to shave their heads, but could not find anyone who would do it for them.

Costa explains that barber services for women go beyond knowing how to do a short haircut. In this case, instead of using scissors, barbers use a straight razor and hair clippers. The techniques used must also take into consideration the facial features of women in order to achieve a light and delicate look, such as “a round shape at the nape of the neck and thinner sideburns.

At Paint Black, which is also a tattoo studio in addition to a barbershop, the female clientele is “hipper, more into fashion and trends,” says Caruso.

At the Jacques Janine salon at Shopping Center Norte (the first branch of the chain to offer barbers services for women), in São Paulo, the clientele is more diverse. “I see women who are going through medical treatments that compromise the integrity of their hair, such as chemotherapy and alopecia, while others are undergoing a hair style transition and want to do a ‘big chop’, without compromising on style,” says Costa. “But there are also those who wish to get a radically different haircut or just have a style that is modern and easy to maintain, requiring little more than a quick blow dry and some pomade or wax to look perfect.

Barber Camila Murena says that women still make up a small portion of the demand for barber services, since “the barbershop universe is still dominated by men.” After all, a place where the vast majority of the clients are male and most of the professionals are also male could scare potential female clients away.

Seeking to bring these two groups of clients together, rather than keep them apart, Murena works at a place that is a mix between a traditional salon and a modern barbershop called Viva La Vida, which is also located in São Paulo. “Women will go to a barbershop when the place feels familiar to them,” she says.

The proprietor of Paint Black is likewise trying to diversify his clientele. “There is room for everybody, and we cannot segregate or label people. A client is a client, and everyone should be treated the same way, regardless of their gender,” says Caruso.

With a growing number of female celebrities sporting very short haircuts, such as Brazilian actress Deborah Secco and American pop singer Katy Perry, the demand for barber services for women is likely to increase in the upcoming Brazilian summer season. “This sort of hair style suits everyone, with any type of hair,” says Costa.

Costa says it is still too early to say whether there is a true movement of barber services for women in Brazil. “This kind of service still needs to gain traction. However, where there is demand, there is a niche market, so I see no obstacles to the growth of this sector,” he says.

Renata Martins


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