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Edition: Brazil
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Applying nanotechnology to cosmetics is Nanovetores’ way forward

Keeping a steady hand on new technologies, the Brazilian multinational supplier of encapsulated ingredients for the cosmetics industry Nanovetores has an exciting year ahead. In March, the company’s headquarters moved to one of the biggest innovation complexes in Florianópolis, state of Santa Catarina – the Sapiens Parque. The opening of a branch in Switzerland is also on schedule for this year.

Nanovetores creates and supplies the cosmetics industry with a wide range of products, such as anti-acne and anti-wrinkle active ingredients, as well as hair conditioners and hair colors. The company’s broad portfolio stems from its CTO’s track record in the pharmaceutical industry. Betina Giehl Zanetti Ramos holds a good deal of international patents, while Nanovetores’ CEO Ricardo Henrique Ramos contributes with technological and administrative know-how. He spoke to Brazil Beauty News about the company’s next steps.

Ricardo Henrique Ramos, CEO & Betina Giehl Zanetti Ramos, technical (...)

Ricardo Henrique Ramos, CEO & Betina Giehl Zanetti Ramos, technical director - Nanovetores

Brazil Beauty News - Nanovetores was a startup back in 2008 and now is a benchmark for innovation in the cosmetics business. What is the company’s position within this market?

Ricardo Ramos - Nanovetores is regarded as a benchmark in nanotechnological systems based on natural raw materials, delivering safe and fast-acting results. We hold industrial properties and a unique business strategy based on the encapsulation and combination of water-based biocompatible and biodegradable materials.

Brazil Beauty News - How has it been to invest in research and innovation in Brazil?

Ricardo Ramos - Funding has improved with the Innovation Act [an incentive bill from 2004 for funding new technologies], but the initiative still falls short in making the country pioneer new tech. There are several measures in place, such as tax exemptions, subsidies and incentives, but reaching these resources is often times bureaucratic and there is hardly enough to go around all the players. In spite of this fiercely competitive scenario, Nanovetores pulled its weight and managed to secure crucial investments for its expansion. Today, we have roughly R$ 3.5 millions to apply in R&D. We have received many innovation awards such as the 1st place in the Stemmer Innovation Award 2011, Best Incubated Company in Brasil Anprotec 2014 and the 1st prize in the Brazil-Germany Innovation Awards 2014.

Brazil Beauty News - How is Nanovetores’ catalog currently built? What’s exclusive and what are the tech highlights?

Ricardo Ramos - Our portfolio today has over 90 proprietary products, many of which are exclusive to our encapsulation technology. By ways of example we can bring up Nano Cellulitech, a breakthrough blend with thermogenic active ingredients in high permeation capsules; Nano Nails, which packs natural oils with antifungal and antimicrobial properties; and Nano UP-lift, our innovative anti-wrinkle treatment.
Aside from encapsulating systems, Nanovetores has developed a line of cosmetic active ingredients for textiles, which are adherent and resistant to water, delivering cosmetic benefits such as moisture, anti-cellulitis activity, freshness and odor reduction.

Nanovetores' headquarters at Sapiens Parque

Nanovetores’ headquarters at Sapiens Parque

Brazil Beauty News - In what way does nanotechnology allow for more effective cosmetics?

Ricardo Ramos - Our encapsulating systems protect the active ingredients from oxidation as well as interaction with other components of the formula such as preservatives and fragrances, which means they stop the buildup of byproducts that compromise its efficiency. Nanoparticles also provide a wider contact surface between the active ingredients and the skin surface because of their reduced (nanometric) size. This allows for more efficiency with lower dosage.
In nanotechnology, we’re used to saying “less is a lot more”. Every one of Nanovetores’ systems is natural and water-based, dermatologically tested and subject to national and international regulatory standards.

Brazil Beauty News - What active ingredients are more successful in Brazil?

Ricardo Ramos - Our top-sellers in Brazil are fast-acting products such as Nano Cellulitech, which shows results after one single application; Nano Nails, which renews nails in as little as four days; Nano Melaleuca, which reduces acne in hours; and Nano Up-lift, which smoothens out wrinkles in 10-minute time. In 2016, Nanovetores launched Nano Ageless Complex, another anti-wrinkle ingredient that reduces this action time to 90 seconds, and Nano Mature Skin, a urea-free intense moisturizing ingredient.

Brazil Beauty News - How is Nanovetores positioned in the international market and what are your plans for overseas operations?

Ricardo Ramos - We have a branch in the US and soon will be opening a subsidiary in Switzerland. Nanovetores always places itself closer to local clients and markets in order to strengthen local operations. Aside from the branches, we have a network of partners in the US and Europe that adapt our products to new markets. Since 2013, Nanovetores has been exporting to 22 countries through 15 international distributors.

Amanda Veloso

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