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Edition: Brazil
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All4Pack to focus on consumers’ “packaging experience”

The All4Pack show, formerly known as Emballage & Manutention (Packaging & Handling) show, will be held at Paris Nord Villepinte on November 14-17, 2016. 1,600 exhibitors are expected, all packaging, processing, printing, and handling professionals, as well as almost 100,000 visitors from all around the world. This time, the major packaging event will focus on Innovation as a common theme, with the slogan, “Let’s be creative!” The show will start in a few months, but its organizers have already unveiled the results of a survey on European consumers’ packaging experience and expectations, highlighting today and tomorrow’s innovation challenges for professionals.

The All4Pack survey investigated personalization, application, fight (...)

The All4Pack survey investigated personalization, application, fight against the carbon footprint, digitalization of points of sale, and e-commerce - Photo: © Dima Sidelnikov /

The survey was conducted last May by the ObSoCo, in collaboration with the show’s Expert Committee gathering a panel of major brand representatives, among 2,186 consumers in Germany, Spain, France, and Italy. It aimed to define European consumers’ “packaging experience”, both from a functional and emotional perspective, considering the major challenges the packaging industry is facing today: personalization, application, fight against the carbon footprint, digitalization of points of sale, and e-commerce.

Technological innovation should focus on environment and safety

The first of the main lessons to be learnt is that most respondents are favourable to innovation. 57% consider smart, connected packaging represents a real source of progress, including 71% of those aged 18-24. In the Beauty/Health/Luxury sector, which pays close attention to the product composition, for 31% of the people surveyed, it will help improve people’s health and life quality.

As for e-commerce-related constraints, more than half the respondents, all countries included, say they are in favour of reducing the environmental impact. But their design expectations vary depending on their nationalities: 43% of the Spanish and 38% of the French prefer solid packaging, while 33% of the Germans and 32% of the Italians would choose light packaging to reduce waste. This small gap is also generational, as lightness is the best option for young adults aged 18-24, while the 55+ are more favourable to the other solution.

Still, for 35% of the people surveyed, the most important function remains the guarantee for a well-protected product or formula.

The packaging information that mentions the product origin is also deemed essential. 32% of the French mainly see the packaging as a “source of useful information on the product.” The most expected data is mainly the geographical origin, for 24% of respondents of all countries, while 19% of them favour the composition, and 18% the producer’s identity.
This function is also valid for the Beauty/Health/Luxury sector, since 27% of the people surveyed consider the packaging has an informative role. But for 16% of them, it is also the “object that helps buy the right dose”, and 13% see it as an added value for products – a trend that is confirmed in the luxury segment.

All4Pack events

As it is so popular, innovation will be to the fore at All4Pack. Designed as the showcase of trends and new launches, the Pack Innovation will provide a global vision, with a selection of ten innovative packaging designs. The Best Pack area will be focused on connected packaging and e-commerce, in collaboration with international design schools. And the guests invited on the TV set will discuss the approaches observed as well as a prospective vision.

Lastly, the 2016 edition will host the Pentawards Exhibition 10/10 as a world exclusive: a unique retrospective of the best packaging rewarded for their great creativity for 10 years in 10 categories.

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