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Edition: Brazil
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Albéa focuses on new technologies and processes to expand its operations in Brazil

One of the world’s largest manufacturers of packaging for cosmetics and personal care products, the Albéa Group is investing in innovation and sustainability to grow in the Brazilian market.

Paula Froes, director of sales and marketing of Albéa in Brazil

Paula Froes, director of sales and marketing of Albéa in Brazil

Its plant located in the city of Mogi das Cruzes, São Paulo, is the company’sthird largest industrial complex worldwide. As well as the Jundiaí plant, most of its production is allocated to leading cosmetics companies in Brazil and Latin America, with a product portfolio that includes packaging, tubes, pumps, promotional items and accessories.

In an exclusive interview with Brazil Beauty News, Paula Froes, director of sales and marketing of Albéa in Brazil, talks about the market demands and the Group’s investments in the country.

Brazil Beauty News – What are the main trends observed in the cosmetics packaging industry in Brazil?

Paula Froes – We can highlight three trends in particular. The first one is sustainability, seen in different packaging designs. It includes eco-friendly materials, screw-on dispensing pumps, which optimize the recycling process, and foam pumps to help reduce water waste. There is also a trend towards premiunization, with thick-walled and metallic containers. Functionality is also a critically important trend. It can be featured in tube + dispensing bomb designs that allow for 360-degree dispensing, as well as one-piece spray caps, which integrate both functions, thus improving the process and cost.

Brazil Beauty News – Are there any particular demands in Brazil or is the country in line with the world market?

Paula Froes – The Brazilian market is highly influenced by Europe and the U.S. For this reason, most of the trends observed here are world trends. However, Brazil has its peculiarities. For example, spray deodorants are quite popular throughout the nation and most cosmetics manufacturers replicate its main fragrances as eau de colognes. They are not only used as deodorants, but also as fragrances by customers who cannot wear their favourite perfume everyday due to financial reasons. This scenario leads to specific demands in the packaging market, including complete dispensing systems and spray caps.

Brazil Beauty News - What are Albéa’s latest product launches?

Paula Froes – Our new releases are the upside-down EZ’R foamer, the continuous spray technology Panache – available for XD11 and SP22 pumps –, the Sofix sampling solution, and the Jardin Secret fiber mascara brush range. The tube + dispensing pump solution with 30mm diameter tube and the Nea pump are also available in Brazil through a local partner. In addition to the items that are part of our standard portfolio, we have participated in product launches for many Brazilian clients with customized solutions, including a foam pump for a well-known children’s brand, pumps and dispensers for Natura and O Boticário, and laminate tubes for hand moisturizers.

Brazil Beauty News – To which areas were Albéa’s investments targeted in 2015?

Paula Froes – We have two plants in Brazil – one in Mogi das Cruzes and one in Jundiaí. Together, they gather great expertise in tubes, dispensing systems and rigid packaging for cosmetics. In 2015, we invested in injection machinery and new assembly lines, amongst which a fully automated assembly line for lipstick packaging, designed to support our client’s growth in this segment.

Brazil Beauty News – How does Albéa stand out from its competitors in terms of innovation?

Paula Froes – Albéa has always played an important role in the packaging industry for personal care. Globally, we have over 200 experts dedicated to developing new products. We work to create innovative solutions by taking into consideration aspects such as ergonomics, visual appeal and design through technologies and processes that make our packaging more attractive, efficient, competitive and environmentally friendly. We have recently implemented a new project development process within the organization to help optimise resource allocation and focus on every project that is entrusted to us. This structure and individual attention to each client allows us to make history with products that have changed the beauty market.

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