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Edition: Brazil
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Adhespack Group expands product line and services in the cosmetics industry

After acquiring personal care and cosmetics contract manufacturer SkinLab, the company created a graphic design division and began providing full-service solutions.

Specializing in the development of beauty, personal care and fragrance solutions, Adhespack acquired cosmetics contract manufacturer SkinLab almost two years ago and incorporated its formulation, production, packaging and regulatory services. Adhespack’s goal was to expand the portfolio of the two companies and increase market share. The next step in the expansion strategy was to invest in the creation of Adhespack’s Graphic Design Division to offer services such as label design, merchandising displays and promotional materials.

Daniel Almeida, CEO at Adhespack

Daniel Almeida, CEO at Adhespack

Earlier this year, the company celebrated its 17th anniversary and changed its name to Adhespack Group. It now operates as a full-service manufacturer, providing all the necessary steps involved in the development of cosmetics by transforming an idea into a ready-to-use product. “Our fully comprehensive service system is unique in its function. We use a vertical process to create synergy among the group’s three main divisions. This enables us to offer a complete package of services, from product development, formulation and registration with Anvisa (Brazil’s regulatory authority), through to packaging, including cartridges and sampling,” says Daniel Almeida, CEO at Adhespack.

This full-service solution offers the advantage of having complete control over all stages of the production chain, which optimizes both financial and time resources. “By cutting out the ’middle man’ in the traditional supply chains, our clients take advantage of lower production costs and quicker turnaround times,” says Almeida. Clients also have the flexibility to use only the services they require. A company that manufactures its own products, for instance, can maintain its current structure and partner with Adhespack for its packaging and merchandising needs.

Flexibility and ability to adapt to our clients’ needs are key factors to our success. Each Adhespack division is structured to offer competitive products and solutions to the market,” says Almeida.

Since the acquisition of SkinLab, Adhespack has also expanded its catalog of sampling solutions. In addition to the products already established on the market –such as the Scent line of scent testing strips and the Make Up Sticker for makeup sampling –, the company has also launched sachets, blister packaging and mini-bottles.

Almeida highlights Adhespack’s new interactive marketing tool, Digital Sampling. Using an app, customers are able to access thorough information on the product, including ingredients, tutorials, prices and where it can be purchased. This tecnology also allows consumer data to be collected, making it possible to promote the product to a specific demographic.

According to the CEO, in nearly two years of incorporation, SkinLab has already doubled its revenues. “The company still has enormous potential to grow in this market,” he says. “For the Adhespack Group, we predict a growth of 20% this year, mostly influenced by our continued expansion on the foreign market, particularly in Latin America.

Operating in the global market for only four years, Adhespack already has a US-based sales office and various distributors around Europe. International sales currently account for 20% of Adhespack’s total revenue.

Renata Martins


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