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With the men’s grooming market on a high, entrepreneurs are reviving the barbershop culture to meet the needs of "modern man"

Long gone are the days when worrying about one’s appearance was the exclusive domain of women. Men the world over are increasingly investing time and money on their appearance – and Brazil is one of the most promising markets for men’s grooming products.

According to the Brazilian Association of Cosmetics (ABIHPEC), the men’s grooming category has more than doubled its sales in the past five years, reaching R$ 9.7 billion in 2013, and it is expected to grow by around 80% over the next four years. According to data from Euromonitor International, Brazil is the second largest world consumer of cosmetics for men, behind only the US, and is set to become a world leader in this industry by 2015. But there is still plenty of room for growth: a survey conducted by British consultancy Mintel revealed that from 2009 to 2012, only 2% of all new hair care products released were targeted at male consumers.

Barbearia Dr. Jones in Sao Paulo

Barbearia Dr. Jones in Sao Paulo

With an eye on this niche, Brazilian men’s grooming brand Dr. Jones was founded in Sao Paulo in 2013, entering the market with products such as micro-exfoliating facial scrub and hair and body shampoo. "We realized that there was a wide discrepancy between demand, supply and the range of products available in the market, leading Brazilian men to use products and brands they did not identify with,” says co-owner Guilherme Campos.

Dr. Jones’ latest venture is its own barber shop. "Even better than having a new point of sale was to create a space where the brand could connect directly with its consumers," says Renato Almeida, marketing director of Dr. Jones. Inaugurated in August in the upmarket district of Jardins, it is a classic barber shop, with a retro decor, where the customer – "a contemporary man who understands the importance of looking after himself and always looking his best socially and at work", defines Almeida – can have his hair cut and his beard trimmed, as well as buying the brand’s products.

Corleone, which also opened recently in Itaim Bibi, Sao Paulo, is inspired by New York’s old-style barber shops, as often seen in mafia movies (having been named after “The Godfather” character). In addition to hair and beard services, Corleone also offers nose and ear hair waxing, manicure, pedicure and eyebrow shaping, and has a menu with 450 beers to choose from. Along the same lines is the barber shop Bastos, which has been operating in the Lapa district for over two years. Its waiting room is a bar and the TV in the lounge is always tuned to football. Grey blending is among the services offered.

"The comeback of barber shops is a worldwide trend. There is a will to revive this tradition, this experience that is 100% targeted at male customers. The barber shop is an environment created for men, where they do not feel they are intruding, as they might in beauty salons. It is the perfect place to go with a friend, at the end of the day, to chill out, have a beer and come out looking even better," explains Dr. Jones’ Campos.

The pioneer in the traditional barber shop revival in Brazil was Barbearia 9 de Julho, which opened its doors in Sao Paulo’s downtown in 2007, when this type of business was still seen as outdated. Following the vintage trend, it has classic chrome iron chairs and antiques that make up the decor, such as an old-style cash register, a rotatory dial telephone, and a record player that plays rock classics. Working only with hot towel, straight razor shave and haircuts, 9 de Julho has grown to become a chain with six shops in Sao Paulo and another four to be inaugurated by 2016.

Renata Martins


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