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With permanent sales in Paris, Brazilian company Granado attracts new markets

In 2013, the Granado Group, formed by two of the most traditional cosmetic companies in Brazil, Granado and Phebo, took part in the commercial project Le Brésil Rive Gauche, which displayed around 120 Brazilian brands of clothing, food and decoration, among other segments, at the luxurious Parisian department store Le Bon Marché.

The event lasted three months, but Granado’s sales were so impressive that what was supposed to be temporary ended up becoming permanent: the two Brazilian brands won their space in Paris for good. And what a space it is! The 40 sqm stand was designed by a French team, reproducing the atmosphere of the first Granado store, Brazil’s oldest apothecary, which opened its doors in downtown Rio in 1870, having Emperor Dom Pedro II himself among its distinguished customers.

Granado at Le Bon Marché

Granado at Le Bon Marché

With a clientele consisting of Brazilians living in Paris, foreign tourists, and above all, the French, Le Bon Marché offers around 160 items of the two brands, which are marketed alongside major international cosmetics brands like Giorgio Armani and Tom Ford. “It is a great satisfaction for us to see that Granado and Phebo are also very popular among the French, a public that is used to having the best products on the market,” says Luiza Ferrez, public relations manager at Grupo Granado.

Items in Phebo’s range include the Odor de Rosas soap bars (€ 3.50), the highest-selling item both in the store and on the Le Bon Marché website, followed by the Alfazema Provençal soap (€ 3.50) and the Figo de Turqueia cologne (€ 28). Among Granado’s products, the most sought after items are the Pink range for the hands, feet and legs; and the Vintage range, which includes soaps, diffusers and moisturizers. The Carioca fragrance, with notes of citrus and bergamot, was launched by Granado directly in Paris. “The idea was to develop an exclusive fragrance that combines the freshness of the sea, the opulence of the forest, and a touch of chic, especially for Le Bon Marché customers,” says Ferrez.

The success of the Brazilian company in France is attributed to different reasons: “We believe the whole package is important: quality products, developed from pure vegetable glycerine and extracts of Brazilian plants and flowers, with unique packaging and affordable prices.

Pink range by Granado

Pink range by Granado

Even without focusing on the external market, the mere presence of Granado and Phebo on the shelves of the French store, known for setting trends, has helped secure deals for the group with three new countries. “Through the exhibition at Le Bon Marché, we have closed sales with Japan, the UK and Greece,” says Luiza Ferrez. In Tokyo, products of the Brazilian company can be found in the fashionable Isetan department stores; in London, at the Frescobol Carioca, specialised in beachwear and accessories; and in Athens, at the fine lingerie stores Palmes.

So far, sales to these countries are considered one-offs, and Granado plans to continue its expansion in the Brazilian market. In 2013, the company’s sales rose by 18.5% to R$ 284 million. This value is nearly 20 times higher than when the company was bought by Englishman Christopher Freeman, 20 years ago, who started the brand’s restructuring process. Granado then partnered with North American giant Sara Lee in 1998 and incorporated Phebo in 2004.

The forecast for 2014 is that Granado’s sales will continue to grow by around 20%. Manufacturing 13 million units a month, with 400 products in its catalogue, the group has around 1,200 employees, and more than 30 stores in Brazil, as well as an eCommerce channel.

Renata Martins


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