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Edition: Brazil
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“Whether in Brazil or on other markets, innovation is the key to our success,” Camille Da Rocha, Technature

Technature, a French subcontractor specialized in peel-off masks and face and body cosmetics skincare, provides major salon and spa brands with a formulation, manufacturing, and conditioning service under their private labels. As it is celebrating its 20th anniversary, the company now counts a bit more than 70 employees and has a 4,500m2 production site in Dirinon, Brittany, France. Technature achieves over 60% of their turnover with exports. And if the exports managed by their customers are taken into account, they estimate that 90% of their products are sold outside France. Technature inaugurated commercial offices in São Paulo, Brazil, in 2013. Camille Da Rocha, Director for Latin America, gave Premium/Brazil Beauty News a few details on how the company eventually conquered this market.

Brazil Beauty News - What is your strategy for the Brazilian market?

Camille Da Rocha - Our strategy in Brazil is the same as for other areas: we endeavour to meet all our customers’ needs and we provide a real full-service offering that includes regulatory procedures.

Our strength lies in our masks. Just like on the other markets, we highlight our innovations (biocellulose, powders, hydrogel masks). We are the first to have developed Ecocert-certified organic peel-off masks, and we are the first to have developed peel-off masks that do not require the skin to be hydrated beforehand. We also create many new textures. In Brazil and in France, innovation is our main asset to face low-cost production.

Specializing in peel-off masks and face and body cosmetics skincare, (...)

Specializing in peel-off masks and face and body cosmetics skincare, Technature provides major salon and spa brands with a formulation, manufacturing, and conditioning service under their private labels.

We opened commercial offices in Brazil in 2013, which is a real advantage, as it is quite hard to deal with this market from afar. There is a lot of employee turnover there, so we need to visit companies very regularly. Brazil is a huge market, but customer expectations are really diverse: apart from well-known giants, there are plenty of small brands expecting simple services and solutions.

Brazil Beauty News - How do you cope with import barriers?

Camille Da Rocha - We have concluded a partnership with a local importer. They hold an import licence issued by the ANVISA, and they take care of all registration procedures and make the whole importation process easier. In addition, we make sure we group our orders together for financial reasons: it makes deadlines longer, but our customers are always notified of this point.

However, we do not aim to manufacture products locally because our policy is to guarantee our customers Made in France quality. Very high-end Brazilian brands are very keen on this point, even if consumers are usually more sensitive to quality and innovation than to the origin of their products.

Brazil Beauty News - Can you tell us about your latest innovations?

Camille Da Rocha - At the last in-cosmetics Brasil tradeshow, we showcased a natural hydrogel mask we are the only ones to offer as a Made in France product. Hydrogel masks adapt to the shape of the face perfectly well and provide an instantaneous fresh effect. They are based on sulphate D-galactose and carrageenans (polysaccharides that form the cell wall in various red algae). This association creates a film-forming gel to make it easier for the skin to assimilate the actives. They can take different forms: eye patches, facial masks, etc.

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Interview by Vincent Gallon

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