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Edition: Brazil
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The quest for the perfect eyebrows triggers market specialization

With a wide range of services and products, franchise chains exclusively dedicated to eyebrow care have seen significant expansion in Brazil.

Eyebrows play a critical role in establishing facial aesthetic harmony, highlighting one’s best features and creating a flattering frame for the eyes. Like makeup and hairstyles, eyebrows have gone through different trends over the decades, which can be spotted on the faces of celebrities that defined their times.

Sobrancelhas franchise store

Sobrancelhas franchise store

Although the quest for perfect eyebrows is not a new phenomenon, the latest advances in the professional beauty market seem to have sparked off a true revolution in the franchise business. Mimicking the segmentation of other beauty services, such as nail care and hair removal, eyebrow design has earned its own space outside of hair salons with specialized staff and techniques ranging from eyebrow straightening to micropigmentation.

Spa das Sobrancelhas (‘Eyebrow Spa’) was one of the first businesses to put eyebrows in the spotlight in 2007. The franchise network has now 350 stores throughout Brazil and is on track to reach revenues of R$ 100 million this year. The requirements to open up a franchise are hardly intimidating for small investors, who can join the business with as little as R$ 80,000.

Other entrepreneurs also took advantage of this rising demand for eyebrow services to venture into the market, such as the Sobrancelhas Design Group. In its only four years of operations, the company has opened 210 franchise stores and has a further 120 under development. “The eyebrow market is in full swing, but still largely unexplored,” says Iracema Benevides, general manager at Sobrancelhas Design. She says the brand’s success is due to a simplified management model combining high profits and unique eyebrow shaping and reconstruction techniques. Training for both franchisees and eyebrow designers are also high up in the group’s priorities. “We have two technical centers and a large support team spread across the country,” says Benevides.

To help customers relax and unwind during the procedures, Sobrancelhas Design offers foot massage as a little treat. The group also has its own makeup brand with products that target not only the eyebrows, but also the face, eyes and lips. The brand’s flagship product, Serum Plus Brow & Lash, claims to regenerate hair follicles, reducing eyebrow hair loss and stimulating growth. It contains active ingredients, vitamins and amino acids that condition and thicken the eyebrows.

Sóbrancelhas franchise chain also seems largely immune to the economic downturn. Founded by beautician Luzia Costa in 2013, the company ended 2015 with 120 stores and recorded a 37.5% growth in the first half of 2016. “Our goal is to reach 220 stores and 300 contracts signed until the end of the year,” says Costa, who estimates to double 2015’s figures with revenues of R$ 50 million.

Costa claims Sóbrancelhas was one of the first chains to offer eyebrow threading services, and a pioneer in launching the kiosk business model. “We now service around 90,000 clients every month and expect to grow by 25% by the end of the year,” says Costa. “Our services require precision and attention to detail, so we provide regular training sessions and always keep and eye out for new techniques.

Eyebrow tinting and extensions using silk fibers are on the company’s menu, but according to Costa, eyebrow threading is still the most sought after treatment. Sóbrancelhas also offers eyelash perm, face waxing and skin cleansing services.

Sóbrancelhas also has its own line of eyebrow and skin care products, including eyeliners, exfoliating gel, skin cleansing emulsion, nourishing eyebrow serum and pink clay mask. “Brazilian women care a lot about their appearance and know the eyebrows plan an important role in face symmetry. Men are also following suit. That’s why the eyebrow business is crisis-proof,” says Costa.

Fernanda Bonifacio


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