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Edition: Brazil
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The Pochet Group is massively investing in Brazil

As a partner of the main cosmetics brands in Brazil, Pochet do Brasil intends to boost their growth on the Brazilian territory with three major projects in 2017: a new plant will be built in Jundiaí, in the region of São Paulo, Lip Up, the new exclusive lipstick mechanism, will be produced on the global level, and a new standard makeup line will be launched.

A new industrial site

Gustavo Libanio, Managing Director of Pochet do Brasil

Gustavo Libanio, Managing Director of Pochet do Brasil

Named Mosaico, the new production site project represents a significant investment of 63 million Reals - about 20 million euros - which will make it easy for the group to double their production area in an environment that meets all social and environmental responsibility criteria.

This new plant will gather the four current production sites, including that of Brazilian subsidiary Solev [a Pochet Group subsidiary specialized in high-end decorations on plastic and glass]. This way, we will maximize our services and reduce our costs,” explains Gustavo Libanio, Managing Director of Pochet do Brasil.

The site will feature all the group’s industrial activities and know-how in terms of cosmetics packaging: plastic injection, blowing, lacquering, metallizing, and assembly. It will spread across 18,000 m2 - a 58% larger area -, with a possibility to add a 50% larger extension. In the long run, the plant will be able to comprise 80 injection machines: this way, Pochet do Brasil will also double their metallizing capacity, thanks to a new lacquering and metallizing line.

Pochet plans to employ up to 1,200 workers, i.e., almost twice the current team, in optimum working, safety, and environmental protection conditions. Solar collectors, a new cooling tower with a closed circuit and speed control to save electricity and water, a rainwater recovery system, natural and LED lights, an air recycling system, automated resin distribution, a garden open to a family cooperative to supply the site’s restaurant, a training programme for young people, a plastic waste recycling system devised by a designer of objects sold to the benefit of associations… the great number of pro-environmental and social initiatives make the Mosaico project a model of competitiveness and integration.

We have defined accurate objectives like automation, the reduction of energy consumption, and material recycling,” Gustavo Libanio asserts.

The first machines will be installed starting from this summer, so that the whole site can be operational as soon as October 2017.

The new Lip Up mechanism

In addition, Pochet do Brasil has just announced the launch of their latest innovation on the market, Lip Up, a very technical lipstick mechanism free from silicone and polyoxymethylene (POM).

Lip Up results from a global development among the French, American, and Brazilian R&D teams. The 24-cavity mould was made in France, but the mechanism will be exclusively produced in Brazil on fully automated lines as soon as next August.

New standard makeup packaging

Meire Tescer, Sales Manager of Pochet do Brasil

Meire Tescer, Sales Manager of Pochet do Brasil

At the request of their customers, the group has also developed a new standard line of six packaging references for mascaras, lipsticks, glosses, small and large boxes and compacts. The range reveals an uncluttered, both simple and sophisticated design that is easy to customize, depending on the requests made.

These standard models provide our customers with a really affordable quality solution - that is important in the Brazilian context - while offering the possibility to be very sophisticated, depending on the decoration chosen,” explains Meire Tescer, Sales Manager of Pochet do Brasil.

Confidence in the future

Within an improving, but still uncertain economic context, Pochet do Brasil is optimistic about the Brazilian market’s potential. Since Brazilian company IPEL, which is specialized in manufacturing makeup containers, was purchased in 2009, and the new team was deployed, Pochet do Brasil has multiplied their turnover twofold on the makeup activity and successfully developed on the Fragrance segment, with the manufacturing of caps. The investments achieved at a turning point in their development will help the group position themselves among the leaders in Brazil, and Latin America as a whole.

In times of crisis, beauty is a safe investment. The cosmetics industry in Brazil is still doing well, and we are optimistic because the market is here. We have achieved 60 million Real of new business this year. There are signs of recovery, and our plant will be ready at the right moment,” Gustavo Libanio reveals.

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