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Ingredients & formulation

Symrise brings the freshness and benefits of plant juices to cosmetics

With its new Actipone range, Symrise intends to tap into the freshly pressed plant juices trend. The range features manually pressed vegetables that are obtained without the use of any solvents and are fully traceable and certified organic. They brings various cosmetic benefits, from moisturizing properties to soothing and antioxidant ones.

Some years ago, fruit smoothies became a trend, with people appreciating the quick and convenient vitamin boost they offered. Now, the trend has evolved to green smoothies, which offer alternatives to the standard fruity options, chock-full of green leafy components and vegetables. This “green smoothie” trend originated in the US and the UK and is now spreading around the globe. Consumers associate green smoothies with fresh, natural and healthy benefits provided in an easy-to-consume format.

Tapping into this trend, Symrise’s Cosmetic Ingredient Division is launching a range of freshly pressed plant juice varieties that can be incorporated into cosmetic applications. Gentle manual pressing directly after harvesting ensures the preservation of the plant’s valuable ingredients.

Their properties have been tested in-vitro. For instance, state-of-the-art in-vitro screening has confirmed that fresh plant juices have especially strong antioxidant capacities as well as soothing and moisturizing properties. For ginger, additional skin-brightening properties were confirmed.

Customers will benefit from a unique and natural product range, backed-up by substantiated data from efficacy studies and supported by market insight and formulation concepts. The plant juice varieties are suitable for a vast number of cosmetic applications and beyond, e.g. hair, face and body care,” claims the company.

An additional plus is the local and organic farming that meets the increasing consumer demand for natural sourcing.

The plants are harvested near their production site to obtain the freshest, most unadulterated and most natural juice possible. Dandelion, horsetail, melissa, ribwort and stinging nettles are grown and harvested in Germany. A ginger juice from Sri Lanka rounds out the portfolio.

Also most of the plants for Symrise plant juice varieties are grown organic and fully traceable back to the field; the Ecocert certification is underway.

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