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Edition: Brazil
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Sustainable toiletries welcome World Cup tourists in Brazil

Shampoo, conditioner, moisturising lotion, liquid soap and soap bars, all created with honey extract produced by small farmers in Brazil. This is the range Talentos do Brasil (Brazilian Talents), which will supply hotels located in the 12 host cities of the 2014 World Cup.

Mauro Carvalho, Sales Director at Realgem's

Mauro Carvalho, Sales Director at Realgem’s

The only line of sustainable toiletries products accredited by the Brazilian Federal Government is the result of the project Talentos do Brasil Rural (Rural Brazilian Talents), created by the Ministries of Agrarian Development and Tourism and by SEBRAE (Brazilian Support Service to Micro and Small Companies) with the aim of promoting family agriculture, and adding value to the Brazilian tourism offer.

Honey extract – the main raw material used in the range – is supplied by the Vacariense Beekeepers’ Cooperative, comprised of 49 small properties in the city of Vacaria, in southern Brazil. As well as a guaranteed supply contract for the next six years, cooperative members receive 5% of the total product sales, and can also purchase them at cost price and sell them retail.

Realgem’s Amenities, the largest manufacturer of toiletries for the hotel industry in Brazil, was selected to develop the products. “Our company was invited to take part in the strategic planning, and four years later, we managed to launch this sustainable range, which will generate income for small producers and impress tourists with its design and quality,” says Mauro Carvalho, Sales Director at Realgem’s.

Many people are not aware of the fact that amenities do not represent a high cost for hotel owners; they are an important investment for increasing customer loyalty,” he says. A complete kit of the Talentos do Brasil line costs R$3.60 (wholesale price). “It is a very low investment for the significant return that these souvenirs can bring for the hotel business,” says Carvalho.

In charge of the entire manufacturing process, from its formulation through to the packaging, sale and delivery of the items, Realgem’s has signed its first partnership with Club Med, which will offer its honey-based cosmetics at its hotels in Brazil.

Pioneerism and respect for the environment are our guiding principles at Club Med. We encourage our suppliers to develop innovative and environmentally friendly products and practices. Talentos do Brasil is also the result of a project that we have been perfecting year after year, in the search for a sustainable product,” said Ieda Dall Agnol, Procurement Director at Club Med Brasil.

Seeking to meet the demand of both foreign and Brazilian guests interested in natural, locally-made items, the French hotel chain is proud of the fact that many families will benefit from the partnership, and hopes to expand it. “Through our procurement centers, we will offer the range to the Club Med network in other countries as well, and we also plan to sell these products to our customers in a different format and packaging,” said Ieda.

Although Talentos do Brasil is currently concentrating its promotion efforts during the World Cup, it will continue to be available after the tournament is over. It should meet the demand for the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, in 2016, and will remain on the market until 2020.

The project Talentos do Brasil Rural is also growing. The Association of Agroextractivist Producers of Sardinha Colony, located 800km from Manaus, in northern Brazil, is getting ready to supply oils of copaiba, murumuru, tucuma and andiroba for the manufacturing of toiletries for the hotel industry.

Renata Martins

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