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Ingredients & formulation

SEPPIC launches first active derived from cell cultures of macro-algae

BiotechMarine, a SEPPIC subsidiary specialising in bioactive natural substances, extracted from seaweeds and marine plants, has developed a new technology to cultivate macro-algal cells in the laboratory. The first ingredient sourced from this new technology is Ephemer, an anti-oxidant derived from gametophytes of Undaria Pinnatifida seaweed.

Using in vitro macro-algal cells culture, SEPPIC’s CELEBRITY™ technology is offering a new marine source of cosmetic active ingredients. Indeed, the rich marine biodiversity contains thousands of macro-algae species. As far as it is concerned, the sea surrounding France’s Bréhat archipelago, in front of BiotechMarine’s headquarters, contains hundreds of species, and the new technology is now making it possible to create a bank of macro-algal cells from the many species whose compositions and effects on skin have yet to be explored.

photo: © BiotechMarine and Heos Marine

photo: © BiotechMarine and Heos Marine

"We look for the beneficial properties contained in rare macroalgae and little-known species. Our Research & Development team has developed unique methods for macroalgal cell cultivation. This is a major innovation for the world of cosmetic active ingredients," says Erwan Le Gélébart, R&D Project Manager at BiotechMarine.

First active to be launched at in-cosmetics 2015

This world’s premiere has allowed the company to design Ephemer, a new anti-oxidant that will be launched at the next in-cosmetics trade show in Barcelona in April.

photo: © BiotechMarine

photo: © BiotechMarine

Ephemer is extracted from gametophytes of the Undaria Pinnatifida seaweed. At this ephemeral step of its life-cycle, the algae cells accumulate anti-oxidant molecules. According to SEPPIC, “Ephemer protects the skin, after 24 hours by acting on the mitochondria, causing momentaneous reduction of free radicals. After 8 days, Ephemer preserves mitochondrial DNA, which is essential for proper mitochondrial function.

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