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Edition: Brazil
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Segmentation of beauty services becomes the trend in Brazil

Brazilian beauty salons have traditionally been known for bringing together hairdressing, manicure and waxing services under one roof, but they are now following the international trend of reducing and specializing their offer of services.

First there were nail bars and nail polish shops, which brought a new, attractive concept in nail care to Brazil. Then the barber shops became fashionable again for men. Now businesses that specialize in eyebrow care are gaining room across the nation.

Estúdio da Sobrancelha

Estúdio da Sobrancelha

We saw a niche that had yet to be tapped, mostly due to the fact that traditional beauty salons offer an enormous list of services, leaving eyebrow care to staff who are not particularly well trained. Our clients expect nothing but the best eyebrow services they can get,” says Pedro Lucas, director of Estúdio da Sobrancelha.

The company provides services such as micropigmentation, eyebrow design and permanent eyelash tinting. It started the year with 16 shops open and will have 35 by the end of April. “The goal is to end 2015 with at least 50 shops. We currently perform over 30,000 services per month and our plan is to end the year with revenues of R$40 million,” Lucas says.

Estúdio da Sobrancelha is trying to narrow the gap with market leader Spa das Sobrancelhas. Founded in 2007, the company has over 300 franchise stores in 26 Brazilian states and serves an average of 200,000 clients per month. Spa das Sobrancelhas also has two company-owned cosmetic lines – My Make and My Day – exclusively designed for skin and eyebrow care.

The chain is now investing in a new business model - kiosks. Its aim is to open 150 kiosks in the next two years, which should add R$70 million to the company’s annual revenues, which are estimated at R$180 million. Another initiative by Spa das Sobrancelhas is the Real Spa brand, specialized in nail and eyebrow care. Created in partnership with U.S.-based express manicure franchise chain Regal Nails, Real Spa had its first shop opened in late 2014 in Rio Grande do Norte and should reach the U.S. later this year.

Pedro Lucas believes that specialized beauty salons are a trend in Brazil, with the system that offers “a little bit of everything” gradually getting outdated. We are heading towards a process of segmentation of business, with salons that deliver the very best level of service to cater for individual needs.

Arlete Pereira, owner of La Bonita salon, does not share the same view. Her business has been operating in the Jardins district of Sao Paulo for five years and has just undergone renovations to expand its capacity. A 25-strong team brings together professionals from different areas who cut, colour and treat hair, carry out manicures, pedicures and waxing, among other services.

Clients don’t want to waste hours in the salon. They usually like to have their hair and nails done at the same time. Traditional salons have everything their clients need as far as beauty care is concerned and they prefer to have it all done in the same place, rather than having to go from one salon to another,” she says.

Cosmopolish Nail Bar, which was the first nail bar to open in Sao Paulo, in 2011, also felt this need from its clientele. The company used to provide nail services only, but decided to increase its range of services. “It was a request from our clients, who asked us to expand the services available. Nails are still the main focus of our business, but waxing and eyebrow shaping are additional services that have increased our average ticket as well as pleased our clients. The result has been very positive,” says Cristiane Diniz, business director of Cosmopolish Nail Bar, which has recently opened a new shop in the Vila Olímpia district.

Arlete Pereira believes that segmentation is a different concept but is not intimidated by the competition. “There are people who like to try new and exclusive services, but there are also those who prefer things the traditional way. It all depends on quality. If one doesn’t have a qualified team, their services simply won’t catch on just because they are trendy,” she says.

Renata Martins


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