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PetiteBox launches Brazil’s first cosmetic line for pregnant and nursing women

Wellbeing, convenience and safety for pregnant and nursing moms – this is the claim of Brazil’s first cosmetic line especially developed for this audience, which has just hit the market. The brand was launched by PetiteBox, the largest startup company operating in the segment of digital subscriptions for moms, babies and children of up to two years of age, in partnership with hair care company Sweet Hair.

Felipe Wasserman, CEO of PetiteBox

Felipe Wasserman, CEO of PetiteBox

The ongoing contact with PetiteBox subscribers – which receive a monthly box with different products for themselves and their babies, including personal care items, clothing and décor from well-known brands in the market – led the company to identify a demand for cosmetics that address the particular needs of pregnant and nursing women. “Mothers and mothers-to-be often complained that they were experiencing a very special period of their lives, yet it was hard to find products that would suit their needs during and after pregnancy,” says PetiteBox CEO, Felipe Wasserman.

A market survey was conducted with about 1,300 customers from all over Brazil in the first half of the year. The initial proposal was to develop only two products – a shampoo and a conditioner. In order to do so, PetiteBox partnered with Sweet Hair, a company that has around 80 hair care products in its portfolio and is distributed throughout Brazil and in countries such as Australia, South Africa, Spain, Italy, Lebanon and the US.

"I already knew Sweet Hair from previous projects and have always admired it as an innovation leader in hair care, and for its openness to new ideas,” says Wasserman. But the outcome of the survey has also led to the development of three other products: a hair mask, a body oil and a body lotion. The respondents contributed to the artwork of the packaging and had their say in the design, color, fragrance and consistency of the products, as well as the active ingredients in the formulations.

PetiteBox’s hair care line was developed based on three claims: a soft fragrance (to avoid dizziness and nausea common during pregnancy), an anti-hair loss action (that may occur during late pregnancy and postpartum) and a careful selection of active ingredients, which are 100% vegetable-based and contain no parabens or sulfates. The shampoo was created with a unique formulation that provides nutrition, strength and resistance. The conditioner has emollient ingredients, with moisturizing and protective properties, and the hair mask has an immediate regenerative effect on the hair by nourishing strands with proteins and amino acids.

The body care line “addresses two requests – a quick-drying body lotion that doesn’t stain clothes and the first aerosol body oil, which makes our customers’ beauty routine easier,” says PetiteBox’s CEO. The body oil is formulated with a blend of vegetable oils that form an emollient layer on the skin and helps keep it from drying out. The body lotion is rich in collagen and elastin, providing intense moisture while helping maintain skin elasticity.

The products are available on PetiteBox’s website and the company has announced partnerships with beauty salons, pharmacies and specialty stores. “We have recently begun marketing the line and are currently focused on logistics and distribution operations,” says Wasserman. According to him, the company has plans to renew the range annually, with products developed for pregnant women, new mothers and, in the future, possibly babies as well. With the launch of PetiteBox, the CEO expects to end 2014 with 2,000 subscribers in his database and R$ 2 million in sales.

Renata Martins


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