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Ingredients & formulation

Original Trade creates ingredients for cosmetics with raw materials from the Amazon rainforest

The company was selected through Sebrae’s open call for submissions to boost the production of emulsified buriti oil bases and plans to start operations next year.

Original Trade has not yet hit the market but has plenty of stories to tell. Since May 2016, the startup incubated by INPA (National Institute for Research in Amazonas) has been consulting and conducting research on sustainability and social development in Amazonas’ capital city, Manaus.

João Tezza, founder of Original Trade

João Tezza, founder of Original Trade

The INPA Business Incubator (IE-Inpa) was fully funded by the State Government and started operating in 2002. It is home to startup companies and works to support the development of projects in the areas of biodiversity, technology and innovation, environmental dynamics and dynamics of Amazonian populations.

"To be eligible to join the program, the incubated business must present an innovative product, service or business model in one of these areas and have at least one founding partner dedicated to participating in the activities of the incubation program. They also need to have a qualification or proven background in one of these areas, as well as favorable conditions to develop the proposed project,” says IE-Inpa manager Deyvinson da Silva.

INPA is currently incubating three startups, and in March this year launched a selection process to recruit five new projects. "Based on last year’s records, we were expecting to receive around 70 submissions and ended up getting over 200,” says Silva. Companies can apply to physically operate from the IE-Inpa building and commit to run the business in the dedicated space for at least 20 hours a week, or receive distance support, which is particularly suitable for companies operating in the metropolitan region of Manaus. This would eliminate the high costs associated with transport in the Amazonian region, says Silva.

"Being incubated at the most important Amazon research institute is a great opportunity. In addition to building credibility with our partners, we can propose and participate in research-related activities that lead to the development of new products and services,” says João Tezza, founder of Original Trade.

With the help of IE-Inpa, he was selected through InovAtiva Brasil, an open call for submissions conducted by the Brazilian Micro and Small Business Support Service (Sebrae), to develop natural ingredients for cosmetics from raw materials sourced from the Amazon region. Original Trade received R$ 120,000 to support the production of its two emulsified buriti oil bases, manufactured with camu-camu extract and açaí extract.

Over 650 projects have been submitted, out of which Sebrae selected 189. Original Trade was the only company based in Amazonas selected by Sebrae. “We showed our project is both feasible and innovative. This initiative can help ramp up the production of Amazonian ingredients to industrial scale,” says Tezza.

For Deyvison da Silva, having an incubated company selected by InovAtiva Brasil is not only a great achievement but also “the confirmation that our selection process has been able to attract viable projects with high capacity for innovation.

Original Trade is on track to start operating next year and has already been in contact with cosmetic manufacturers. “The industry is constantly searching for new ingredients. In additional to the emulsified bases, we are also developing a range of special oils sourced from the Amazonian biodiversity,” says Tezza.

Renata Martins


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