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Edition: Brazil
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Olfactive Studio celebrates Brazil

The brand is not there yet, but its creator’s heart is never far. For Still Life in Rio, Olfactive Studio’s new fragrance, Céline Verleur used Brazil as a source of olfactory and photographic inspiration.

The new fragrance takes its inspiration from a picture by Brazilian (...)

The new fragrance takes its inspiration from a picture by Brazilian photographer Flavio Veloso

With Still Life the niche fragrance brand heads for Rio as it evokes a unique peaceful lifestyle. This time, the fragrance was born from a picture taken by young Brazilian photographer Flavio Veloso, who captured the light, mystery, and magic of the city’s bay.

Firmenich perfumer Dora Baghriche’s olfactory creation suggests an exclusive cocktail of ingredients selected at the source: the top note first diffuses yuzu, ginger, mint, lemon, and tangerine scents, and then it gradually gives way to berry pepper, pink and black pepper, coconut water, and copaiba wood from Brazil.

Available as from March 2016, 130 euros (about 147 US dollars) a 100ml bottle.


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