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Missha takes the concept of Korean skin care to Brazil

One of the pioneering brands of K-Beauty in the country, the company plans to expand its multifunctional pre-makeup portfolio and spread the word about the importance of a preventive skincare routine to the Brazilian audience.

In the age of selfies and beauty tutorials on YouTube, the makeup industry puts its chips on two opposite trends – contouring, a technique that uses light and dark shades to enhance facial structure, made popular by Kim Kardashian, and the effortless and radiant “just woke up” look, a trend that South Korea has successfully exported across the world and is currently gaining traction in Brazil.

Camila Yu and Camila Coelho at Missha's launching event in Brazil

Camila Yu and Camila Coelho at Missha’s launching event in Brazil

Missha, an Able C&C group brand, landed in Brazil in October 2015 with the credentials of being one of the brands to pioneer the concept of K-Beauty, an umbrella term that encompasses not just the Korean skin care products, but also its outlook towards beauty. With over a decade of existence in its home country, Missha’s approach to skincare rests on three pillars – innovation, advanced technology and quick results. The brand has secured its place in the global market with a portfolio of over 600 skin care products and quickly became a key feature for cosmetics that claim to ensure healthy, naturally beautiful skin.

Missha’s current core markets are Japan, Mexico, China and the US, with an early-stage foothold in the traditional European market. In Brazil, the brand’s flagship product is the M Perfect Cover BB Cream, which provides a moisturizing, whitening and firming effect, as well as covering blemishes and minimizing pores. The product was originally available on Missha’s online shop and at Drogaria Iguatemi, a high-end drugstore in São Paulo. Recently, the company has also struck a deal to distribute its BB Cream at Sephora stores throughout the country.

The Korean brand states that it is willing to push through Brazil’s well-known woes, namely high taxes, bureaucracy and economic turmoil, to set foot on the skincare niche. “The Brazilian market has drawn our attention because it’s still fairly underexplored. There are few innovative, high-tech products available in attractive packaging. The concept of preventive skincare is also extremely lacking,” says Camila Yu, Missha’s representative in Brazil.

Ingredient efficacy is largely explored in Missha’s multifunctional products, a clear evidence of the Korean culture of prioritizing skin care over makeup. According to Yu, the brand’s products combine regenerating, skin tone evening and high SPF photoprotective ingredients with raw materials that cater for combination skin and enlarged pores, which are always on demand in Brazil due to the overall hot and humid weather.

Aware of the Brazilian legislation and the local consumption needs, Missha adapted the BB Cream’s formula to comply with the guidelines established by Anvisa, the regulatory body for drugs and cosmetics. “We wouldn’t simply import a product that is successful elsewhere if its efficacy and results could have been compromised in the local market. We have changed the formula to meet the skin type and habits of Brazilian consumers, who are more used to applying makeup to cover skin imperfections than to committing to a daily skincare routine,” says Yu. She confirms that growing its distribution network is among the brand’s upcoming plans, along with increasing the offer of multifunctional pre-makeup and other K-Beauty products in Brazil.

Even before landing in the country, Missha had already gained a powerful spokesperson – beauty influencer Camila Coelho, who had tried the BB Cream and raved about it in her popular blog Super Vaidosa. “It came as a happy coincidence because she perfectly embodies the brand’s DNA: a contemporary woman who treasures her femininity,” says Yu.

Amanda Veloso


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