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L’Oréal chooses WestRock’s pump P2000 for its Elseve Light-Poo line in Brazil

WestRock’s Home, Health & Beauty division has provided the pumps of L’Oréal’s new Elseve Light-Poo line, which was recently launched in Brazil. Almost 100% made in Brazil, the P2000 pump is a key component of the packaging of brand’s latest innovation: an intelligent cleanser that washes without drying, conditions without weighing and models without leaving residue, in one single step.

P2000 ™ - Pure Path ™ Technology ensures that the formula has no contact with (...)

P2000 ™ - Pure Path ™ Technology ensures that the formula has no contact with metallic components

WestRock and L’Oréal, which have been partnering in Brazil for more than three years, further narrowed their relationship for the Light-Poo line project. "Our challenge was to get an approval for the P2000 pump produced in Brazil, based on an earlier agreement from the L’Oréal’s World Expertise Centre, after numerous tests, we were able to deliver our product in a way that met the brand’s deadline for the launch,” explained Lucas Silva, technical analyst at WestRock.

According to WestRock the partnership with L’Oréal resulted in a reduction of purchasing complexity, a simplification of the manufacturing process and time and resources saving. "WestRock’s mission expressed in the motto ‘Winning Together with our customers’ is perfectly reflected in this partnership with L’Oréa, which demonstrates how we can work to provide consumers with the best experiences," explained Eduardo Scalese, general manager of the Home, Health and Beauty business unit at WestRock Brazil.

P2000 ™ - Pure Path ™ Technology ensures that the formula has no contact with (...)

P2000 ™ - Pure Path ™ Technology ensures that the formula has no contact with metallic components

The P2000 pump is delivered fully assembled to the customer and is produced in four different colours: green (Elseve Light-Poo Óleo Extraordinário), red (Elseve Light-Poo Reparação Total 5+), pink (Elseve Light-Poo Quera Liso [MQ]) and orange (Elseve Light-Poo Supreme Control 4D), given the design of each product line. "From the presentation of a 100% locally produced P2000 pump to our final approval, after completion of all L’Oréal tests, support from the technical and commercial team was essential to meet the project’s requirements. Close work and transparency from both parties made a difference for this work so important not only for us L’Oréal, but also for Westrock,” said Adriana Fregoso, Brazil Packaging Manager Hair Care & Color L’Oreal Brazil.

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