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Jequiti "makes luxury affordable" with celebrity fragrances

Beyoncé, Britney Spears, Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift and Usher: what may sound like a setlist of an international pop music festival is the frontline of Jequiti’s fragrance catalog. The beauty brand is part of the Silvio Santos Group, one of the most traditional entrepreneurial conglomerates in Brazil.

Founded in 2006 in Osasco, in Greater Sao Paulo, the direct sales company – which accounts for over 200,000 consultants across the country – decided, in its early years, to invest on a segment that had never reached a distinguished position in Brazil: the celebrity fragrance market. The idea is simple: to associate a product with a well-known personality, allowing the brand to be easily remembered by the end consumer.

In late 2008, Jequiti launched a duo of perfumes by Brazilian singer Fabio Jr. That was just the beginning. In its portfolio, comprised of 1,050 products and renewed every 21 days, there are fragrances signed by several Brazilian personalities, such as singer Claudia Leitte, TV presenters Adriane Galisteu and Eliana, and model Isabella Fiorentino.



International stars are also in the spotlight. Jequiti has entered into exclusive contracts with global cosmetic companies such as Estée Lauder, P&G and Coty, which develop perfumes for global icons such as rapper Sean John and singers Madonna and Christina Aguilera, to manufacture them in Brazil. "We want to bring this segment to the door-to-door trade at a fair price. Our aim is to make luxury affordable, since prices in this segment are usually quite high in Brazil", says Lásaro Carmo Jr., president of Jequiti.

Although cheaper compared to imported items, Jequiti’s celebrity perfumes do not exactly fit the "popular" category: their prices range from R$ 70 to R$ 150. But apparently price hasn’t been an issue. "We haven’t had any problems working with these brands. What we did was make these perfumes available and accessible for whoever wants to purchase them,” he says.

Besides lending their names to products, international artists also show their faces in catalog photos and advertisements in order to promote the fragrances. Brazilian celebrities face a more extensive agenda. They attend a series of events sponsored by Jequiti, including meetings with the brand consultants. The SBT (TV channel also owned by the Silvio Santos Group) presenter Eliana went further. She participated in the entire production process of her fragrance, which was launched in the first half of this year.

In order to select the celebrities who will take part in its catalog, Jequiti conducts customer surveys. "It is not enough to have a feeling that a celebrity will sell well. We must understand whether customers are really interested in “buying” that personality, for the person’s name is the product," explains Carmo Jr. But who doesn’t way to “buy” pop diva Jennifer Lopez or former soccer player and heartthrob David Beckham?

With a 7% share of the Brazilian cosmetic market, Jequiti claims it will continue on the path of success with its celebrity fragrances. In 2013, the segment accounted for approximately R$ 187 million of Jequiti sales, more than 40% of the year’s total, which was R$ 450 million. Being the leading country in fragrance sales since 2010, with 84% of its population making daily use of the product, Brazil’ recorded revenues of R$ 15 billion in fragrance sales last year.

Renata Martins


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