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Edition: Brazil
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High level of customization boosts perfume market in Brazil

The world’s largest fragrance market supplies dynamic and discerning consumers with constant innovation, according to packaging producer MWV.

To Brazilians, the habit of wearing perfume has become an important daily ritual. Recent data from Mintel research shows that 90 per cent of people in Brazil own perfume products and 84 per cent wear them every day. This puts the country in a global leadership position for sales and volume in the sector, and expectations are for the market to reach US $5.1 billion in sales in 2017.

Packaging is key to differentiate

With this explosion of the fragrance market, Brazilian consumers’ attention is highly sought after, and brand owners are trying to find differentiators for their products. According to MWV, a global manufacturer of dispensing pumps and sprays for the Beauty & Personal Care markets this creates an opportunity for packaging to serve as a key factor for competing brands. “Brazil is currently the country with the highest level of customization in perfume packages in the world. There are new types of pumps, sprays, exclusive caps with new designs, different colours, use of innovative materials and spray caps where the cap itself is the perfume actuator.

Both the Brazilian consumer and brands appreciate the added value of each new perfume that comes into the market, and the supply chain is developing further to meet the demands of producers. Customizing also aims to supply new productivity and recycling standards in materials that place Brazil in the vanguard.

Brazil: Best place to innovate

Eduardo Scalese, business director, MWV, believes Brazil is one of the most interesting markets for the development of new projects. “We have been more and more involved with our clients since they started creating new perfumes and have managed to offer creative and customized solutions that are tailored to each product’s unique consumer profile,” he explains.

According to MWV’s consumer insights research, 88% of consumers consider perfume sprayers essential items for their purchase decision. Our fragrance research has also proven that consumers notice and appreciate the different nuances that the spray can offer which can help establish an emotional connection. These nuances influence consumers’ experience, connection and their perception of the brand. For each fragrance profile and positioning, a specific kind of sprayer is recommended, producing different experiences in the use of the fragrance.

There are women who like to apply the fragrance by crossing a ‘cloud’, while others have the habit of taking the bottle in their handbag to apply the perfume several times a day, so, in this case, a light and suave spray is necessary,” explained Scalese. “Men, in turn, often appreciate a short and efficient spray,” he concluded. “Several variations are possible, from light and discrete sprays, to more powerful and voluminous dispersions.

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