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Edition: Brazil
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Innovation & new products

Enamel launches in Europe

While during most of the year European women opt for more subtle colours, in the summer they dare to display brightly coloured nails. Let’s keep an eye on trends that may hit Brazil soon.

Red, light pink or beige, are the most often seen colours at the point of sales. However, to stand out from the mass poolside, it is better to opt for pop colours, even pastels are proposing.

Les pastels

They are riding high now bit it took some time. Blue or mauve, pastel-shaded nail polishes are among the favourites of the fashion-addicts, for a gentle contrast with tanned skin. Cold shades will give a touch of freshness to the look (the Sweet Lilac enamel from the line Le Vernis Nail Colour, Chanel, 23 euros or the Bleu Céladon from the Couture line by Yves Saint Laurent, 22.50 euros).

Vivid colours

Although some women dare the neon nail polish all year long, many will only take this colour out from their vanity bag to go to the beach. Let’s put the spotlight on Gemey Maybelline’s Tenue & Strong Megawatt enamel, with its new formula that promises to fully cover the nail for a perfect colour control (Lime Me Up, from Gemey Maybelline’s Tenue & Strong Megawatt line, 7.60 euros). Another illustration: Essie’s latest collection featuring bright colours to be sure to attract attention on the beach (Haute in the Heat, Essie, 11.90 euros).

Special effects

However, not all women are satisfied with a uniform glaze. For those looking for something else, Dolce & Gabbana presents its Summer Glow line of nail polishes to create a summer glow effect enhancing bronzed skins. With three colours - orange, green and blue - there will be something for everyone (Dolce & Gabbana, The Nail Lacquer Summer Glow, shade Daphne 23.50 euros). The latest releases of Nocibé are another option. The retailer’s brand, which recently launched Artist, a line of professional makeup, offers three chameleon-like enamels with mutant reflexes (Nocibé, Artist, shade Story Telling, 12.95 euros).

The mint colour finisher

For those tired of the usual transparent or bright finisher, OPI has the solution: a row of four coloured top coats, acting as filters to give a new shine to the enamel. Used on coloured fingernails, it promises to change the tone: perfect for personalized nail. (OPI, Sheer Tints, four colours available, 13.90 euros).


Finally, for those who do not like applying enamel or want to give a different touch to their hands, there remains the possibility of using nail tattoos. For this year, Bourjois proposes two different lines, one inspired by porcelain, the other by the tropics (Kit Nail Art Tattoos Ongles, Bourjois, 8.75 euros).


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