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Curitiba-headquartered start-up wins first hackathon organised by L’Oréal in Brazil with an application for Maybelline

After a 24-hour marathon of uninterrupted work, Curitiba-based start-up NeoMode won Beautyhack, the first hackathon sponsored by L’Oréal Brazil, which was held in São Paulo.

The award, a R$ 100,000 investment will be used for developing the project, an application for the Maybelline brand, with the aim to launch it on the market in the future.

Curitiba-based start-up NeoMode won Beautyhack, the first hackathon (...)

Curitiba-based start-up NeoMode won Beautyhack, the first hackathon sponsored by L’Oréal Brazil.

The challenge gathered 15 pre-selected start-up companies, out of 108 registered, with the aim to develop mobile applications for four strategic projects of the world’s leading cosmetics company. The solution presented by NeoMode was an app named Maybeonlline, which successfully addressed the integration of all online and offline Maybelline points of sale.

According to Didier Tisserand, president of L’Oréal Brazil, the Beautyhack is very important in the company’s digitalization process in Brazil. "With this first hackathon in Brazil, we were looking for new ideas from young entrepreneurs to develop applications that would help us to accelerate our expansion of this area in the country," he said.

L’Oréal’s CMO (Chief Marketing Office) Paula Costa reminded that beauty is the second-most purchased category on mobile phones and that mobile sales continue to grow. "We are therefore investing in alternative solutions, with the aim to get closer from our consumers through effective and useful digital tools, bringing together beauty and mobile phones."

NeoMode was the big winner of the challenge. The mission assigned by L’Oréal was to develop a mobile-assisted shopping experience for Maybelline products to increase the use and knowledge of the brand’s entire line.

Rag software, a Minas Gerais based company, won the DCA (Cosmetics Active Division) challenge. Inovalab, based in Rio de Janeiro, won the DL (Luxury Division) challenge and Points Rocket, with offices in Paraíba and Rio Grande do Norte, won the DPP (Professional Products Division) challenge.

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