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Edition: Brazil
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Cosmetics for the beard benefit from new consuming habits of Brazilian men

As a specialist of everything related to ‘beard care’, Maikon Silva has many members of the São Paulo high society among the clients of its barber shop, including celebrities. Sale of male cosmetics grew 2.4% in 2015 in Brazil.

According to ABIHPEC (the Brazilian Association of the Cosmetic, Toiletry and Fragrance Industry), sales of men’s cosmetics, including shaving products have been increasing constantly in recent years in Brazil. In 2015, this market segment grew by 2.4%. From 2008 to 2014, the market grew by more than 100%, from around US$ 2.284 billion to reach US$ 4.572 billion.

Maikon Silva has many members of the São Paulo high society among the (...)

Maikon Silva has many members of the São Paulo high society among the clients of its barber shop, including celebrities

Just as women have become more independent over time, men are emerging on the new social scene with vainer profiles. A Qualibest Institute research commissioned by ABIHPEC revealed that 43% of male interviewees considered themselves “super vain”.

Brazilian men, such as a majority of Brazilians, believe physical attributes impact personal life and professional career opportunities. As male’s appearance is becoming increasingly important, men and boys visiting the closest barber shop every day form a new major trend in Brazil. Furthermore, as the shift is expected to continue growing constantly, the number of grooming and beauty services specializing in men is also growing with more barber shops forecast to open to meet the new demand.

As a consequence, the hairdresser and barber profession is becoming increasingly sophisticated with more modern salons. Maikon Silva, 26, is a young man who bet on this business. He works at the AS Barbearia Studio, located in Rua Augusta, 2780, in Jardins, São Paulo. Alongside renowned Brazilian hairdressers such as Carlos Cesário and Thiago Fortes, Silva has become a specialist in beards and now takes care the high society of São Paulo, including some celebrities. In addition to taking care of his clients’ beards, he is also a hairdresser for the male audience. He initially joined the AS Barbearia Studio as a work option among others but he now considers his profession as a lifestyle!

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