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Condor plans to grow 13% and invests R$17 million in new technologies and products

In late 2014, when celebrating its 85th anniversary, Condor made a strategic decision – the company sold its brushes division for R$42 million to pipes and fittings manufacturer Tigre. Condor’s aim is to dedicate more attention to other product categories within the company.

This year, Condor will invest R$17.6 million to expand its production capacity as well as develop new technologies and products. The company’s goal is to achieve revenues 13% higher than in 2014, when the company recorded sales of R$329 million and a R$24.9 million profit.

Professional hairbrush Condor Fast

Professional hairbrush Condor Fast

A leading manufacturer of hairbrushes in Brazil, Condor plans to grow its household cleaning category – with brooms and sponges – and oral care segment, getting closer to the nation’s main toothbrush manufacturers. Oral-B currently ranks first, with a 30% market share.

Looking to increase its customer base, Condor has launched a range of toothbrushes in partnership with Brazilian surfwear brand Mormaii. With a bold design, Mormaii Pro has X-angled, rubber bristles that help remove plaque and whiten teeth, as well as a rubber tongue cleaner, while Mormaii Trip is a revamped version of Condor’s compact design toothbrush.

Condor has also renewed its range of professional hairbrushes. With natural and synthetic bristles, Black Colors offers resistance to smooth and style the hair. Duplice has V-angled synthetic bristles and is recommended for long hair, while Fast ceramic-coated brush is designed to maximize heat and straighten the strands without damaging the hair. They are available in three colors and sizes – small, medium and large.

Mormaii Trip toothbrush

Mormaii Trip toothbrush

Condor’s growth plan forecasts investments in retail outlets, which exceed 100,000 in 30 countries. The company will invest in a more attractive design to exhibit its products and currently assesses the use of beauty consultants in large stores.


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