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Edition: Brazil
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Laws and regulations

Brazilian MPs vote bill to ban animal testing for cosmetic products

The Brazilian Chamber of Deputies passed a bill that prohibits the laboratory testing on animals for the development of cosmetics. The proposal, which provides for fines for those violating the law, still needs to be voted by the Senate.

The Bill voted in plenary on the 4th of June is the product of a compromise between Be Cruelty-Free Brazil supporter MP Ricardo Izar, president of the Parliamentary Front in Defence of Animals, and the Government. While it prohibits animal testing of most cosmetic ingredients and finished products, it doesn’t include “ingredients with unknown effects”. However, it was also agreed that internationally approved alternative methods to animal testing could be used without requiring validation in Brazil.

The ban does not prohibit the sale of newly animal-tested cosmetics, meaning companies will still be able to test their cosmetics on animals abroad and sell them in Brazil.

Dep. Ricardo Izar with Be Cruelty-Free Brazil's Antoniana Ottoni

Dep. Ricardo Izar with Be Cruelty-Free Brazil’s Antoniana Ottoni

"It’s not ideal, but no doubt this is a great moral step forward for Brazil, especially with respect for animal rights, they’re worth it and have no voice," said Izar.

Laboratories who break the law will face fines provided for in the project ranging from R$ 50,000 to R$ 500,000. People who improperly use animals for testing and research shall pay fines from R$ 1,000 to R$ 50,000.

Today Brazil has taken its first important step on the path to banning cruel and out-dated animal testing for cosmetic products and ingredients. We are thrilled that Brazil is joining the ranks of the European Union, Norway, Israel and India in ending the practice,” said Be Cruelty-Free Brazil’s Antoniana Ottoni.

However, as it is currently worded there are some unfortunate loopholes in the Bill that must be closed. Our experts, who played a central role in achieving the EU and Indian cosmetics bans, are working with the Senate and all parties involved to help improve Brazil’s Bill and bring it closer to what Brazilians want to see: a completely cruelty-free cosmetics future for Brazil,” she added.

PL 6602/2013

The proposed law (PL 6602/2013) will be submitted for final drafting the Committee on Constitution, Justice and Citizenship (Comissão de Constituição e Justiça e de Cidadania, CCJC), before being transmitted to the Senate. Eventually, the text will have to be approved by President Dilma Rousseff.


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