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Benefit and Kiko announce entry plans to Brazilian market

2015 is set to be a groundbreaking year for cosmetics consumers in Brazil, especially those who can’t go past without trying new imported products. This year, at least two international beauty brands have announced their entry in the country: US-based Benefit and Italian brand Kiko Milano.

Founded in 1976, in Sao Francisco, Benefit became known for offering "instant beauty solutions", such as its famous brow wax. Its makeup and body care products became popular in the 1990s through catalog sales and department stores.

Acquired in 1999 by the French group LVMH, Benefit soon reached out to new markets. Today, it is present in over 40 countries and has 50 stores worldwide, half of them in the US. Since 2011, its products have been exclusively marketed by Sephora in Brazil.

Makeup application at a Benefit store

Makeup application at a Benefit store

Unlike in other parts of the world, where Benefit retails through company-owned stores or agreements with local partners, in Brazil it will operate under a franchise system. The first Benefit stores are set to open in two luxury malls in Sao Paulo. The initial investment is high – to open a store, the franchisee will need to spend approximately R$850,000, with an estimated payback period of three years. For customers, prices are also expected to be higher than elsewhere due to Brazil’s heavy tax burden.

Italian professional cosmetic brand Kiko Milano hasn’t disclosed the date or place for the opening of its first store in Brazil, but the company announced the country as the next step of its global expansion plan. With over 670 stores throughout Europe, Kiko Milano made its first intercontinental investment last year, with the opening of four stores in the US, the world’s largest cosmetic market.

Lipstick by Kiko Milano

Lipstick by Kiko Milano

Founded in 1997 by the Percassi Group – whose operations are focused on real estate and retail development, in partnership with labels such as Guess, Benetton and Swatch – Kiko became a hit among European consumers, with its wide range of makeup, skin care and body care products known for their high quality and attractive prices. On its shelves, there are lipsticks available for €3, mascaras for €5 and face scrubs for €6. It remains to discover how much they will cost in Brazil.


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