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Edition: Brazil
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Innovation & new products

Attract One Expert, Cosmogen’s new generation skincare applicator

On the occasion of FCE Cosmetique, Cosmogen introduced a new generation of Attract One, its applicator combining a magnet and a metal ball applicator.

A few months after the launch of Attract One, Cosmogen is presenting a new evolution of its patented applicator.

Cosmogen has adapted its patented magnet and metal ball system on a tube (...)

Cosmogen has adapted its patented magnet and metal ball system on a tube with a valve

As a matter of fact, Cosmogen has adapted its patented magnet and metal ball system on a tube with a valve. The new system allows the distribution of the formula and permitting the valve to open by pressure of the tube, while maintaining the attractive power of the magnet on the ball. Once the pressure on the tube is released, the valve resumes its position and ensures sealing, preserving the formula from risk of contamination, whether during application or during cleaning with water.

The removable and washable Ø12mm ball-applicator provides a skin contact surface that is three times more than a conventional roll on applicator.

A second patent protects this new technological challenge.

Attract One Expert combines the precision of movement, the benefits of massage and the properties of the formula. It is fully customizable and could be like a jewel. It fully caters to the image of prestige care brands,” says the company.

A true beauty ritual

Attract One Expert is particularly suitable for skincare application around the eyes or the mouth. It has been designed for an intuitive use by any kind of consumers. “The ritual is to distribute the right amount of the formula and then apply it with circular movements on the areas to treat.

Cosmogen suggests that in the morning the applicator is passed under cold water - or kept in the refrigerator - the cold ball-applicator then tightens, tones and de-puffs the skin. “In the evening and when passed under hot water, it facilitates penetration of the formula, contributes to cells oxygenation and regeneration, and relaxes the skin.

Technical features:

- Tube Ø19mm ; Capacity: 7 to 20 ml

- Sleeve: PE Mono or multi-layer, Alu-multifoil

- Cap: PCTA

- Holder PP

- Magnet : Neomydium
- Ball : Ø12mm, nickel free stainless steel.

Patented distribution system.
Decoration: Offset ; Silk screening ; Hot stamping ; Labelling ; Varnish ; Metallization ; Lacquering ; Metal overshell

Download the technical presentation here.


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