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Edition: Brazil
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Ingredients & formulation

AQIA invests in domestic production to grow the market for cosmetic ingredients

AQIA Química Industrial is a Sao Paulo-based company that came about as a result of the merger between companies Ion and Polytechno and has focused its investments on expanding the manufacturing and synthesis of cosmetic ingredients. The company’s plans are strengthened by partnerships with international companies such as AAK and Dow as well as domestic alliances like the recent joint venture with coffee grower cooperative Cooxupé for the use of coffee subproducts in cosmetics.

AQIA has been operating in the chemical specialty market for personal care products for over 30 years and all of its production is based in its plant in the city of Guarulhos, Sao Paulo. The company offers services that include marketing support through concepts and innovation, formulation development and technical assistance. Brazil Beauty News spoke to AQIA’s co-founder, Alaor Pereira Lino, about the demands of the Brazilian market.

Alaor Pereira Lino, co-founder of AQIA Química Industrial

Alaor Pereira Lino, co-founder of AQIA Química Industrial

Brazil Beauty News – How is AQIA positioned in the Brazilian cosmetics market?

Alaor Pereira Lino – AQIA watches trends and influences coming from different markets, events and conferences, as well as finished products in both the domestic and foreign markets, so as to offer our clients alternatives that suit their needs. We are focused on the technological value of unique active ingredients that are manufactured in our plant.

Brazil Beauty News – In addition to the recent alliance established with Cooxupé, what other partnerships does AQIA draw special attention to?

Alaor Pereira Lino – We are delighted to partner with Cooxupé, and early market acceptance has been encouraging. We also have partnerships with international companies such as AAK, Exsymol, Dow and Lucas Meyer Cosmetics. We have their support to develop active ingredients suited to the Brazilian market culture by using formulas manufactured by these companies through synergistic associations or chemical transformations.

Brazil Beauty News – How does AQIA incorporate sustainability into its products?

Alaor Pereira Lino – Sustainability is the core value of our “Forest Multiplication” program, which uses sustainably sourced ingredients and raw materials. Through the use of technologies and chemical transformations, these natural products then become derivatives compatible with different cosmetic formulations that boost their activity.

Brazil Beauty News – How has 2015 been for AQIA in terms of production and investments?

Alaor Pereira Lino – 2015 has been an anxious year. We are in the process of wrapping up investments for our 2020 project, which includes expanding our plant and R&D, in face of an unprecedented economic downturn in Brazil. Nevertheless, we have been achieving good results in projects and partnerships with our clients.

Brazil Beauty News – How do you see the performance of the market for active ingredients and raw materials in the coming years?

Alaor Pereira Lino – Market growth will be increasingly driven by knowledge and understanding of the functionality of active ingredients, which will establish a point of difference and promote the individual features of each product. Unfortunately Brazil does not invest strongly in fine chemicals, and therefore will remain dependent on products developed and manufactured abroad.

Brazil Beauty News – Which AQIA innovations would you highlight for the cosmetic industry?

Alaor Pereira Lino – The ReparAge® hair care system is composed of an amino-structural matrix with the exclusive Pro.FILLER effect, which increases the diameter of aged strands and repairs damage from the inside out. Acneol SR® is a skin care equalizing treatment recommended for oily, reactive and acne-prone skin. It controls sebum production and has a healing, anti-inflammatory activity.

Brazil Beauty News – What are the demands of the Brazilian cosmetic market and how is AQIA preparing to meet them?

Alaor Pereira Lino – The main demand is for hair care products. AQIA uses most of its resources in R&D within this area to provide technologies such as ReparAge, BioRestore and Nano.Tribologia. It is also worth to mention skin care products that offer a unique sensory profile and proven benefits for both the epidermal matrix and the extracellular matrix.

Amanda Mont’Alvão Veloso


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