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Edition: Brazil
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Aptar’s Note revives the sensuality of perfume application

In order to address the slowdown in the fragrance market, especially in mature markets, Aptar Beauty + Home relies on innovation, with the aim to entice, surprise and re-inspire consumers, by focusing on their experience. With Note, its latest fragrance applicator, the company took inspiration from the history of fragrance in order to help consumers to rediscover an intimate and sensual relationship with luxury fragrances.

With Note, Aptar brings us a new way to experience fragrance, blending intimacy, elegance and sensuality. The dispensing expert has reinvented a timeless technique from an era when fragrance used to be applied to the skin with a delicate, simple finesse using a glass stopper. It is this delicate touch, which has all but vanished to give way to the spray but still lives on in the collective memory of brands and consumers alike, that Aptar Beauty + Home wants to revive.

In line with trends

Note is a transparent applicator. Each time you open the cap, the applicator fills itself automatically, ready to apply the fragrance gradually through capillary action upon contact with the skin.

Note offers a gentle and gradual application in all the right places. “In this respect, it is also in line with modern trends, where the consumer is in control, choosing the dose and where to apply it,” explains Sabine Bouillet Lubot, Strategic Marketing Manager Fragrance at AptarGroup. “We especially recommend Note for highly concentrated fragrances, such as eaux de parfum, elixirs, absolutes, intense perfumes, and extracts,” she adds.

The applicator has been tested with consumers in four countries (France, China, Brazil and China). According to Aptar, it has always been highly appreciated. "Including in Brazil, where consumers are use to apply perfumes very generously, Note is perceived as very suitable for night applications."

In order to ensure consumers can appreciate the full Note experience, Aptar Beauty + Home recommends including some application tips: Use Note to apply fragrance by dabbing it on the pulse points. For varying levels of seduction, apply behind the ears all the way down to the nape of the neck, your wrists, and your neckline. If you want to leave a thrilling scented trail with each and every movement you make, apply to the crook of the elbow and even behind the knee.


To illustrate the extent of possible design options beyond the stock product, Aptar Beauty + Home worked with design agency Servaire & Co who studied five possible tracks: vegetal, writing, compact, key.

Also illustrating the possibilities of this innovation, Note has already been chosen by Dior, one of the most prestigious French fragrance brands, it for its leading line.

This unparalleled technique makes J’adore Touche de Parfum an absolute technological gem. We were blown away by this new system for applying fragrance and knew right away that it was a perfect fit for the product we were developing. We needed a new application method, something different than that of a traditional fragrance. In other words, a highly feminine and precise touch. On top of that, we were looking to make a bottle for women on the go, for them to carry in their purse and reapply at any time throughout the day,” explained the team behind J’adore by Parfums Christian Dior.

Vincent Gallon


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