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After 10 years operating in the cosmetics packaging market, the owners of Vepakum open Ática Química

The new raw material supplier for cosmetic and pharmaceutical formulations represents multinationals 3M, Rahn and Seppic in Brazil.

One business has led to another. From 1974 to 2010, pharmaceutical biochemist Ricardo Dornelas distributed raw materials for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. As he and his business partners gained an in-depth knowledge of the two segments, they saw a new market opportunity and opened packaging company Vepakum Embalagens in 2005.

The company is based in Cabreúva, upstate São Paulo, covering and area of over 10,000 m², and specializes in producing blown and injected plastic packaging for pharmaceutical and cosmetic products. Its extensive portfolio ranges from standard lines to exclusive items with sophisticated finishing, which add value to the designs and allow the products to stand out.

The expertise gained over 40 years in raw materials and 10 years in packaging, along with a consolidated client portfolio, led the Vapakum’s owners to open Ática Química in São Paulo city this year. “We are the Brazilian leaders in importing and distributing cosmetic packaging and we see every Vepakum client as a potential client for Ática,” says Dornelas, who is the CEO of both companies.

A partnership established with the MCassab business group enabled the new raw material supplier to represent multinationals 3M and Rahn in Brazil. Ática Química has also made a deal with French-based company Seppic, which Dornelas described as “a result of their trust in our work”.

Ática Química manufactures polymers, emulsifiers, emollients and functional active ingredients used in formulations for sensitive skin, lightening spots, treating cellulite, pore reduction, anti-ageing, and body and hair moisturizing, amongst other uses. “We look for products with innovative technologies that add value to the formulation, to whoever prescribes it and to the drugstores,” says Dornelas.

Examples are the ingredient Denfensil Plus from Swiss company Rahn, suitable for the treatment of sensitive and sore skin, and Liftonin - Xpress, which claims to promote an instant skin lifting effect and reduce wrinkle lines. From Seppic, Ática highlights Sepiplus 400, a multifunctional, versatile polymer recommended for cold processing of emulsions, and Sesaflash, which claims to reduce and smooth apparent wrinkles and increase skin moisturizing by 39% in up to 30 minutes after being applied.

Ática also supplies the first cosmetic ingredient launched by 3M worldwide – Glass Bubbles iM 30K. According to Dornelas, this is one of the main features in the company’s catalogue. The sensory modifier has a soft-focus ingredient that minimizes the appearance of pores and expression lines. It also contains glass microspheres that help reduce visibility of open pores and signs of skin ageing.

Ática’s management board had no misgivings about opening a new company in a year of great economic uncertainties in Brazil. “We have already experienced a number of economic plans in Brazil in the 1980s and 1990s, such as the Collor and Cruzado Plans. We believe the economic downturn could become an opportunity for a company that has credibility and, above all, the right planning,” he says.

Dornelas foresees Vepakum growing by 25% this year and says that all the investments for both companies are being maintained in the budget for 2016. “We are open to starting new partnerships with any company that can add unique products to our portfolio,” says Dornelas.

Renata Martins


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